Ny kurator til DH program for professionel træning

18. August 2020 /
Dansehallerne byder velkommen til en ny kurator af den professionelle træning i Dansehallerne. Danser og koreograf Alice Martucci vil kuraterer træningsprogrammet for 2021 og påbegynder det forberedende arbejde i august måned. Alice Martucci er fra Italien og har base i København, hvor hun er uddannet fra Den Danske Scenekunstskole i 2002.

This month we welcome the new curator for professional training.

Danjel Andersson says the following about curating of the training program:

“We are incredibly proud of the development of the training program over the years and we are increasingly moving towards a curated practice.
I became the director of Dansehallerne in 2019 and since then I have discussed and presented visions for the future. We will continue to engage external curators who have one ear directed at the community and one at Dansehallerne. It is important to us that our curators are locally anchored and have an international outlook. We appreciate a commitment to the training and to the development of the art form. We are also moving more and more towards exchange and sharing of teachers with similar organisations within train distance.

We thank Marie Topp for a completely outstanding program and development work, and we welcome choreographer and dancer Alice Martucci who will curate the program in 2021.”

Alice Martucci about her visions as curator
“My vision with the daily professional training in Dansehallerne embraces two main elements. On the one side, I see the training as an opportunity for artists in the field of dance and choreography to refine our skills and techniques. On the other, I regard it as an occasion to build a community together by sharing our knowledge and experience. The training is a frame to practice, access, exchange different methods and expertise. At the same time, it offers a place and time to commit to each other and our profession, to investigate together as an artistic field, that is both comprehensive and extremely specific. 
My intention is to curate a season of classes and workshops that offers diverse kinds of training with the aim to include different approaches to dance and choreography. I believe that the specificity of each practice would make it accessible and relevant to a broad dance community, by offering a clear and distinct perspective, that invites new experiences and reflections. I am looking forward to collaborating with the artists active in Dansehallerne to plan a programme that can stimulate experimentation, critical thinking and peer cooperation.”

Alice has danced, among others, with choreographers Alice Chauchat, Matilde Mørk, Camilla Stage and Søren Sundby. She has also performed in works by visual artists such as Yvette Brackman and Uffe Isolotto.
Alice’s own work revolves around the practice of dancing as an investigation. Through dancing, she enquires about how sensation and imagination play a role in the shaping of relational dynamics. This interest has taken different forms starting with the video-projects Oggettivamente, Soggettivamente and Distracting the Self that she developed in 2012/13.
In 2015 she created the collaborative project Choreographic Games with Lea Petersen. She has been working with Petersen and Stine Frandsen at the project Hosting Paradox since 2018 and they are now collaborating with the composer Alexander Holm for Unisons. Another actual project is Moirai, about the experience of time, in collaboration with Birgitte Skands and Peter Vadim.