Længsel efter Hud / Foto: Calero Photography


Through developed work processes and research, artists can take over the right of interpretation and assume responsibility over questions for which art may hold the answer.

Denmark needs an artist driven cross-disciplinary research lab and an international residency programme, complimentary to art venues, artistic educations and research environments. Dansehallerne has developed a unique programme to support the progress of contemporary choreographic performative arts. This we have done in close collaboration with artists, art forum, researchers and academic institutions.

The programme builds on previous experience at existing residency programmes around Europe and establishes a unique close connection to international artists, residencies, research communities and presenters, to secure fruitful outcomes and a sustainable infrastructure. It focuses o n empowerment, capacity building and promote the development of new interdisciplinary formats, methods and instruments for cultural production to enable innovation processes and new market platforms with the aim of making contemporary choreographic performative art available to broad and diverse audiences.

OBJECTIVES: Promote and internationalise Danish artists, creating new professional opportunities and expanding markets. – Support the development of artistic quality, content and substance. – Find and invest in new and innovative models of production, presentation and interaction with diverse audiences. – Create sustainable careers, supporting activities that provide new skills and know-how in a strong collegium setting. – Exchange and disseminate knowledge, experiences and insights within the field and across borders.

PARTNERS: CND Paris, STUK Leuven, HZT Berlin, Weld, Uniarts Stockholm, Uniarts Helsinki, KhiO Oslo, The Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, Copenhagen Business School, University of Copenhagen and IT University Copenhagen. Associate partners: BORA-BORA Aarhus, Åben Dans Roskilde.

The Artist’s Research Lab and Residency Programme will be efficient 2018 and onwards. More info and the full project description here

The Artist’s Research Lab and Residency Programme is funded by The Danish Arts Council and The Nordic Culture Fund.