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Personal reflections on developing dance and choreography

Magnus Nordberg/Nordberg Movement facilitates a lecture and a workshop as a part of International Encounters .

Magnus Nordberg runs Nordberg Movement in Stockholm, an organization dedicated to develop dance and choreography nationally and internationally.

The organization collaborates in long-term relationships with choreographers and movement makers on transforming artistic ideas into audience encounters and disseminating the various enterprises of a movement-based artist.

In this talk, Magnus Nordberg will speak about the daily practices of Nordberg Movement and reflect on specific projects and their development.

The talk is followed by a workshop run by Magnus Nordberg and Egil Bjørnsen/ Director of the Development Platform.

International Encounters

Dansehallerne and The Development Platform are collaborating on a series of events during the spring of 2018, with the objective to develop concepts for new sustainable production strategies. The objective is to find international inspiration for ways to operate on a changing market.

New Production Strategies for the Choreographic Sector
The Danish choreographic sector is undergoing rapid developments. Choreographers, dancers and other artists dealing with choreography, establish new artistic constellations, new work- and production formats, engaging their audiences in new and innovative ways. All this at the backdrop of a difficult financial situation; Basically more artists sharing an ever dwindling budget for performative arts. Artists and producers find new ways of collaborating, applying new business models and finding new strategies to develop sustainable models for production.


INTERNATIONAL ENCOUNTERS is a part of Dansehallerne’s ILN initiative
The Innovative Leadership Network (ILN) is a Nordic cross-disciplinary platform focusing on the development of artist-led initiatives in the contemporary choreographic performing arts. The network establishes a cross-disciplinary exchange between artistic activities (choreography), universities (academic research) and the market (from production to presentation spaces). ILN aims at providing a frame to question classic models, tackle old-fashion interdependences and rethink practices in the contemporary creation value chain. Read more about ILN


14 marts 2018 14:00 -17:00

Udviklingsplatformen, Otto Busses Vej 5A, 2450 København