Ash Bulayev (GR)

Innovative Leadership: Artistic Residency: Contexts & Processes in Questions


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Ash Bulayev, the Director of Onassis AiR at Onassis Foundation, presents and discusses the key principles that guided the creation of the the (inter)national artistic research and residency programme in Athens (Greece):
“What if we could DO six impossible things before breakfast?
What if we took the artistic practice, the craft, the process of creating, the process of research, each individual trajectory that artists, and other curious minds, go through day in and day out, as the starting point towards a less product obsessed arts policy?
What if we refused the precarity of our arts institutions?
What if artists and curators could take time to reconsider their practice without expectations and constraints of the production frenzy?
So why artistic research?
Why another residency program?
Why in Athens?
What purpose and need will it address?
Why would a Greek artist need this program?
Or an Argentinian choreographer?
Or what need does this program add within the broader international artistic landscape?
And how does this program tackle the very precarious, and widely accepted standard, of the project-based economy?”
The Onassis AiR programme has been established in 2018, under the auspices of the Onassis Culture pillar focused on process, encounters, the public space and its commons.

Panel discussion:
This presentation will be followed by an informal with Mette Ingvartsen, Choreographer, Curator, Researcher and Artistic director of Great Investment (Brussels), Angela Melitopoulos, Professor at the School of Media Arts of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Copenhagen), Choreographer and RESA selected-artist Eva Meyer-Keller (Berlin) and Visual/Performance Artist, Curator and Researcher Ilya Noé (Berlin).

Ash Bulayev has worked for 20 years as curator, producer and artist, at the cross-section of contemporary performance and time-based visual arts.
From 2012 – 2015 he was the Curator of Contemporary Performance at EMPAC (New York), commissioning new works by artists such as Ant Hampton, Eve Sussman + Simon Lee, Temporary Distortion, Lars Jan, Kris Verdonck, Ellie Ga and many others, as well as presenting the work of Rabih Mroue, Xavier Le Roy, Lisbeth Gruwez, Ralph Lemon, Marie Brassard, Clement Layes, Wojtek Ziemilski, Julien Maire, and other contemporary time-based artists.
He is also collaborating as a creative producer with Dries Verhoeven, Miet Warlop and Lotte van den Berg.
In 2015/16 he has collaborated as producer and consultant with Maria Hassabi, DD Dorvillier, Julian Hetzel, Germaine Kruip and Kat Valastur.
From 2002-11, he was a Co-Artistic Director (in collaboration with Tzeni Argyriou) of amorphy.org, a collaborative platform for experiments in the fusion of performing arts and old/new media. In 2006-07, he was the project initiator and research director for the EU Culture 2000 funded project i-MAP (Integration of Media and Performance) in collaboration with leading media arts organizations in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Bulgaria. From 1991 until 2002 he lived and worked and played in New York City, learning what it means to make, to make with others, and to play seriously.
He holds an MA in performance from DasArts, an internationally acclaimed graduate program from the Amsterdam School of the Arts.

About The Innovative Leadership Network (ILN)
“Artists as leaders of change”
ILN is a Nordic cross-disciplinary platform working towards enabling artists to become leaders, developing innovative methods for artistic research activities, as well as developing new ideas in relation to rethinking institutions, increasing audience engagement, investigating new presentation formats, tackling political & societal issues or working on sustainable practices… in order to challenge status quo.
The platform proposes fruitful exchanges between Nordic & European artists, researchers and creative workers from the performing arts field through networking events, lectures & thematic workshops, and open seminars that will take place in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway from April 2018 to October 2020. Regular online publications will feed the reflection and build cross-sectoral knowledge.
INL is one strand of an ambitious Artist’s Research Lab and Residency Programme developed by Dansehallerne and its partners.

Partner & venue: Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi, Kongens Nytorv 1, 1050 Copenhagen K



Varighed: ca. 2 timer

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Hvor / Det Kongelige Danske Kunstakademi

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