Photo: Søren Meisner

Dansehallerne is a performing arts institution. We define performing arts as art that communicates performatively and/or interactively with its audience in real time. Today this communication takes place both on traditional stages, in alternative venues, digitally, as site-specific events, as part of a repertioire or in projects with the audience as active participants. The stage is simply a place where the artistic meeting takes place. The artwork becomes meaningful in dialogue with its audience.

In Dansehallerne we see every visitor as an active agent in the creation of culture. We wish to create opportunities to meet art in ways that make us see ourselves in a new light, reflect on the state of the world and our various roles in the progress of society. Some people have made it their profession to specialize in the creative process, thereby becoming artists with a mission to stimulate and make an impact through art.

The audience
Our audience includes all age groups, all social, ethnical, religious groups, etcetera. Our activities attract a stimulated and attentive public, often interacting with our performances, seminars, workshops and other creative ventures.

Since fall 2017 all performances, events and other activities has taken place at different locations in Copenhagen and throughout the country.

We invite you all to Dansehallerne in Copenhagen and to our other activities around the country!

See the calendar for our programmes in Copenhagen here
See the calendar for our programmes around the country here