“Artists as Researchers”

Dansehallerne, in close collaboration with its Nordic institutional partners gathered in the Research Committee, develops a series of Artistic Research Seminars and Artistic Research Labs.
Taking place in the Nordic countries between 2018 and 2020, they constructively bridge artistic practice and academic research in the field of choreography – the overarching theme of this initiative is FUTURITIES.
By creating a comfort zone for academic researchers and choreographers to engage in in-depth dialogue, Dansehallerne and its partners offer opportunities for peer-to-peer exchange in order to access and develop new knowledge, and address common areas of interest.
Artistic research labs and seminars are organised in the framework of the Innovative Leadership Network (ILN), Nordic cross-disciplinary exchange platform, and in conjunction of an ambitious Artist’s Research Lab and Residency Programme. Regular online publications will feed the reflection and build cross-sectoral knowledge.


Artistic Research Lab: “On the notion of practice”
6-8 May 2019, practical workshop – venue: Sceneindgangen
9-10 May 2019, forum – venue: Forsøgsstationen

Practice is an unavoidable part of conducting research whether it’s done within the frame of the university or outside of it. In recent years we have seen an undeniable amplification in the use of the notion practice by artists, researchers and their partnering institutions. Where does this demand come from? What are the discursive and political implications of the contemporary uses and misuses of the term? And, how can we identify necessary modes of resistance from within our different ways of understanding and managing practice? In the light of such questions, Dansehallerne and its Nordic partners have found it relevant to start their first lab by looking at the notion of practice itself –from its etymological and historical roots to how it’s managed by artists, researchers and contemporary arts institutions today–.

This Lab is conceived as an opportunity for artists and practice-based researchers to present their current research projects in a collegial setting. Over two full days, choreographers and dancers, MA and PhD students, Postdocs and researchers from the Nordic countries will exchange on their respective artistic practice.

The format proposed allows for in-depth dialogue and includes 3 lectures:
• Paula Caspão (Lisbon University, Center for Theatre Studies) will be addressing ‘EXPANDED PRACTICES All Over: re-practicing multispecies story-telling in times of neoliberal performativity’;
• Kai van Eikels (Institute of Theatre Studies, Ruhr-Universität Bochum) will deliver a lecture on ‘Would there be practice without the workshop? Collective forms and formats’;
• Goran Sergej Pristas (BADco., University of Zagreb) whose presentation will be focusing on ‘practicality of the impossible’;

as well as 7 presentations by:
• Anne Juren (DOCH, Uniarts Stockholm University of the Arts);
• Marika Hedemyr (School of Arts and Culture, Malmö University);
• Gry Worre Hallberg (Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, University of Copenhagen);
• Janne-Camilla Lyster (Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo);
• Andreas Liebmann (Den Danske Scenekunstskole);
• Øyvind Kirchhoff (Forsøgsstationen);
• Jeannette Ginslov (School of Arts & Creative Industries and Applied Sciences, London South Bank University.);

and will welcome Danish artists (SOLD OUT). Access is free of charge, preliminary programme available here.

Artistic Research Lab: “Endangered Practices”
7-9 October 2019, practical workshop
10-11 October 2019, open forum

Artistic Research Lab: “The Practices of Others”
11-13 May 2020, practical workshop
14-15 May 2020, open forum

PUBLICATION / Artistic Research Lab: On the Notion of Practice
Read and downlaod the publication made fra the Lab


For more information, contact Hanne Svejstrup: hsv@dansehallerne.dk