The Artists’ Research Lab 2018 – 2020:

Coordinator Yohann Floch,

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Aims during the period
To curate and launch a line of events which critically and constructively engage with artistic research that connects to defined aspects of the general theme. In a three-year perspective, the aim is to launch three events (one in the fall of 2018 and two in 2019) before a concluding conference, which follows up on the previous events and their content. During the same 3-year period, special attention will be given to the organisational structure of the Research Committee’s work – to be evaluated at the end of the term.

Theme for the period: FUTURITIES

Responsibilities of the Research Committee:
The Research Committee is responsible for developing content, potential sub-themes and programming of each event, with support from the Dansehallerne programme coordinator. It will invite artists/researchers/experts etc. from their respective institutions and networks to contribute to the events through performances, concerts, lecture demonstrations, formal presentations, round table discussions, book launches, public actions etc. The Research Committee will meet twice a year.

The members of the Research Committee have the opportunity to be part of the ILN, Innovative Leadership Network. ILN operates complementary to the activities of the programme, providing resources to support the work of RC to develop new, innovative methods for managing research activities. ILN can be read as part of the Programme.

Research Committee:
• Oslo National Academy of the Arts, KhiO, Professor, Choreographer Anne Grete Eriksen
• Uniarts Stockholm, Professor Concept and Composition, Choreographer Juliette Mapp
• Uniarts Helsinki, Vice Dean, Professor in Artistic Research, Performing Arts Research Centre, Theatre Academy, Choreographer Leena Rouhiainen
• Royal Academy of Fine Arts Copenhagen, Professor, Artist Angela Melitopoulos
• DDSKS Copenhagen, Head of Dance and Choreography Program, Dr. Choreographer Rasmus Ölme
• HZT Berlin, Artistic Director, Professor, Choreographer Nik Haffner
• IT University of Copenhagen, Associate Professor, Head of PhD School, Dr. Laura Beloff
• Copenhagen Business School, Professor with special responsibilities Cand.Polit.,PhD Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, Trine Bille
• University of Copenhagen, Department of Arts and Cultural Studies, Associate Professor, PhD, Karen Vedel
• Dansehallerne in-house artist, Choreographer and Dancer Ida Larsen,
• Dansehallerne artistic advisory board, Curator and Guest Researcher Dr. Jens Hauser
• Dansehallerne Copenhagen, Director, Professor, Choreographer Efva Lilja