Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf

The Project Centre hosted the Danish booth at Tanzmesse August 29th – September 1st, 2018 on behalf of The Danish Arts Foundation.

Tanzmesse is a biannual ‘industry and trade fare’ for dance and choreography in Düsseldorf, Germany. Companies, agents and countries have booths at the fair for presenters, festival organizers and others. Tanzmesse also presents curated performances and hosts workshops.

21 companies and choreographers together with producers and managers participated at the Danish Booth in 2018.

The Danish Arts Foundation has funded the Danish booth and the brochure about Danish Dance, which was distributed at the fair.

You can see more pictures from Tanzmesse 2018 at The Project Centres page on Facebook.

Here is link to the brochure on Danish Dance Performances 2018.

Read more about Tanzmesse here.

Nordic Circle of Artistic Management

The Project Centre is part of a three-year Nordic project (2016-2018) consisting of a mentoring programme and a number of workshops for producers and self-producing choreographers from the Nordic countries.

In the 3-year period, there will be 2 cycles of mentorships, each lasting a year. The 2 mentorship programs will have an open application process, where 8 mentees in each cycle will be matched with a mentor for a year.

During the three-year period we also facilitate two hands-on workshops per year for producers and self-producing choreographers. E.g., we have had workshops about working internationally and branding during Tanzmesse in Düsseldorf and about touring and technical riders during ICE HOT in Copenhagen.

The five partners in the project are SITE Sweden (project leader), Performing Arts Hub Norway, Arts Management Helsinki, Dance Atelier Iceland and The Project Centre at Dansehallerne Denmark.