Dansehallerne is a national platform and a leading institution for contemporary choreographic performative art.

Dansehallerne is a crossroads where conventions are broken and resistance is pushed aside in favour of new adventures, thoughts and statements through the contemporary choreographic performative arts. It is a challenging, demanding, stimulating and caring venue, a surprising environment where artistic projects are realised and communicated with new perspectives on society, politics and the human experience.
Dansehallerne is a national resource for the development and presentation of dance and choreography and an international forum for performative arts that takes place in traditional and alternative venues, in spatial as well as conceptual locations, in digital format and in projects where audiences and participants engage in co-creation.

Dansehallerne provides meeting places for everyone interested in experiencing choreographic practices, research processes and critical debate and will take a leading position in the development of new formats for public events, interactive and creative activities for all ages. We conduct high-level professional training, courses, seminars and supports the research that strengthens the representativity of contemporary choreographic performative arts, innovation and societal progress. Dansehallerne provides premises for artistic developing work and residencies.

Dansehallerne is an independent institution with an operating grant from the Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Copenhagen. Dansehallerne is located in central Copenhagen with a small branch in Aarhus.

We welcome you at Dansehallerne