Wa(l)king Copenhagen

Metropolis has invited 100 artists living in Copenhagen to create 100 curated walks through the city over the next 100 days starting 1 May, a day of collective walking. This can be seen as a performative diary form a city where the corona virus sets the agenda and has radically changed our daily life. Each artist walks for 12 hours and starts at home. Every hour he/she gives a “sign of life” via live-streaming here.

The project is curated by Metropolis / Copenhagen International Theater in collaboration with Dansehallerne, AFUK, Arkitektforeningen, Copenhagen Contemporary, Det Frie Felts Festival, Fotografisk Center, Poesiens Hus, Råderum, Skræp & Third Ear.

Dansehallerne has curated work by Boaz Barkan, Marlene Bonnesen, Valentine Tanz, Kalliopi Siganou, Jon R. Skulberg, Marie Topp, Mathias Theisen, Thjerza Balaj, Meleat Fredriksson & Paolo de Venecia Gile

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The programme is curated by Katrien Verwilt & Trevor Davies Metropolis / Københavns Internationale Teater in collaboration with:
AnneSophie Bergmann Steen/AFUK
Johnny Svendborg/The Architecture Association
Annette Skov & Janna Lund & Jannie Haagemann/Copenhagen Contemporary
Charlotte Bagger Brandt/Råderum
Danjel Andersson/Dansehallerne
Erik Pold & Gritt Uldall-Jessen/Det Frie Felts Festival
Jørgen Teller/Skræp
Kristine Kern & Laura Ifversen/Fotografisk Center
Rikke Oberlin Flarup/Poesiens Hus
Sille Dons Heltoft
Tim Hinman/Third Ear