Le Patin Libre (CA)

Vertical Influences

Extra Show!!! – 24th of Nov. 2019 / 4:30pm

Vertical Influences is a contemporary ice skating double-bill. First, “Influences” explores human inter-relations and the the links between an individual and its group. Leadership, belonging, bullying, individualism… A group is living obvious tensions but is evolving toward a new harmony. Then, in “Vertical”, a superb family of five liberated individuals challenges the audience with a rhythmical choreographic essay exploring a new relation between spectators and performance: the audience is seated on the ice surface and witnesses intensely a skating that moves a lot of air… literally. Everything is expressed through the liberated virtuosity of high level figure skaters who dared to ditch sequins, pastiches and medals. They discovered the magic allowing ice skating to become a legitimate choreographic medium: glide. The bodies can move without being bound to usual movements such as walking or jumping. Dance critics, spectators and the skaters themselves compare it to flight… 

Ice-dancing party
After the last performance on Saturday you can look forward to a big post-show ice-dancing party with mini-workshops for the public with the dancers from Le Patin Libre.

About Le Patin libre
Le Patin Libre is a contemporary ice skating company from Montreal, Canada. This new choreographic art uses ice, skates and glide as medias. Some people are talking about a form of “contemporary dance on ice”. The first collective was founded in 2005 by ex high-level figure skaters. They regrouped with the intention of transforming their athleticism into a mean of free expression. Far from sparkles, stereotypes and champions’ demos, the creations of Le Patin Libre propose real works of art exploiting the amazing choreographic and theatrical potential of glide.
Since 2005 and its first demonstrations on frozen ponds, Le Patin Libre evolved a lot. What started as a little spontaneous explosion is now refined into an intelligent artistic project. “The new skating style” slowly became a new performance art form in its own right. At the base of our work, there is one great question: “what is skating?” Until now, our research projects always bring us back to the same thing: glide. Glide is the possibility to imprint movement on immobile bodies. It is the uniqueness of our dance. It is the magic we play with, until it becomes a vertigo, for our own enjoyment and the one of our public. 

Choreography: Alexandre Hamel, Pascale Jodoin, Samory Ba, Taylor Dilley, Jasmin Boivin (Le Patin Libre)
Music: Jasmin Boivin
Dramaturg: Ruth Little
Lightingdesigner: Lucy Carter
Costume designer: Jenn Pocobene
Producedby Le Patin Libre
Commissionedby Emma Gladstone and the Dance Umbrella Festival (London, UK), the National Arts Centre (Ottawa, Canada) and the Théâtre de la Ville (Paris, France)
Research support: Jerwood Project at the Sadler’s Wells Theatre (London, UK)
Production support: Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec, Conseil des Arts du Canada, Conseil des Arts de Montréal 

Le Patin Libre – Website

Vertical Influences premiered in october 2014 in London.

Dansehallerne presents Vertical Influences in collaboration with Gladsaxe Kommune (Gladsaxe Skøjtehal) and Gladsaxe Skøjteløber-Forening.

Duration: App. 70 min.

Saturday at 6pm and at 8pm +extra show Sunday 24th of Nov. 2019 at 4:30pm

Gladsaxe Skøjtehal, Isbanevej 3, 2860 Søborg

40 - 125 (+fees)