Thecarrierbag festival

Centering around ‘circluding’ dance, thecarrierbag festival is a gathering of local and international dance artists, hosted by DANSEatelier. The festival includes three days of hangout, curated inserts, triggers and hooks, as well as three evenings of performances.

This festival is a carrier bag. A bag to carry knowledge (across bodies, texts, temporalities, telepathies and more) in order to re-activate, re-use and re-develop new knowledges. The festival as a bag proposes a way to ‘circlude’, encircle, gather, wrap and curl around dance. It is a wish to use ‘circlusion’, this awesome and newly invented word, to describe a relation to dance. Borrowing ‘circlusion’ from the context of a sexual act, where it refers to the antonym to penetration, it finds ways of relocating the term, in order to strengthen it.

Thecarrierbag festival has been thought around two texts: Ursula Le Guin’s ‘The Carrier Bag Theory of Fiction’ and Bini Adamczak’s ‘ On Circlusion’. It sets off from feminist ways of being in relation to dance and unfurls a plethora of possibilities.

The festival will open with an evening of performances celebrating group works. It includes three performances and a DJ+live set:
‘How to do things with Romance: a prologue’ by Ellen Söderhult

‘the tectonics volume II’ by DANSEatelier

‘RUDY’ by Ellen Söderhult

dj+live-set by gel

Opening night 14th June, 19h @Dansehallerne

The following festival days will take place at DANSEatelier (Gl Køge Landevej 59, Valby).

15th, 16th & 17th festival day, 11-16h @DANSEatelier (Gl Køge Landevej 59, Valby).
15th, 16th & 17th performances, 20h @DANSEatelier (Gl Køge Landevej 59, Valby).

thecarrierbag festival is supported by Valby Lokaludvalg.

‘How to do things with romance’ and ‘RUDY’ is supported by Stockholms Stad, Nordisk kulturfond, Nordisk kulturkontakt, Ålands kulturdelegation and Kulturfonden för Sverige och Finland.


Big Stage

40 - 125 kr. (+ fee)