thecarrierbag festival

thecarrierbag festival is the second iteration of a feminist festival for dance, choreography and performance taking place in Danseatelier in Copenhagen. It is a two-day gathering with workshops and performances by local and international artists. thecarrierbag festival is an artistic research between Emilia Gasiorek, Karis Zidore and Stine Frandsen, actualised in the shape of a festival. Thinking with texts from feminist writers Ursula Le Guin and Bini Adamczak, we put into question how we gather around, carry and circlude works by activating not only the works, but also the context and the situation carrying them. In this spirit the works of the festival are curated as multiple objects woven from numerous told and untold stories.



Workshop with Eva Rowson (la musea)

This workshop takes the tools of fermentation to think about forming knowledge through the unplanned – as well as making a ferment to drink.



Performance by Amalia Kasakove / Anna Lea Ourø

In a form of a melancholic rave Sure addresses how dance can hold a space for loss.


Dance and choreography / Amalia Kasakove and Anna Lea Ourø Lighting design / Fabian Nyman

Sub Ms.Eve

Performance by Asaf Aharonson

The work examines the notion of leakage, looking at different types of orifices and the mechanisms of opening and closing.


Choreographer/dancer/performer/the person that thinks about the work for a long time / Asaf Aharonson

Dancer/performer/part time co-devotion / Alistair Watts


Performance by Ellen Söderhult, Daniel Iinatti, Iki Gonzales Magnusson, Emelie “Empo” Enlund, Lisen Ellard and Sepideh Khodarahmi

DUNKA DUNKA is an exploration of how different expressions and mediums collide and coalesce.


Choreography and sound landscape / Ellen Söderhult
DJ-set and sound landscape / Daniel Iinatti
The singing and dancing choir / Iki Gonzalez Magnusson, Sepideh Khodarahmi, Lisen Ellard,
Ellen Söderhult and Emelie ”Empo” Enlund



Performance by Julia Rodríguez

Later invites us to wander through temporary territories, to infiltrate into multiple imaginaries, to become carriers of what is about to happen before we even think about it.


Concept & Choreography / Julia Rodríguez Lights (Original design) / Gretchen Blegen

Music / Recollections by Miles Davis, Dances et Pieces Médievales (1314): Saltarelo 1, Anonyme, Musica Antiqua, Christian Mendoze.

Artistic companionship / Florian Feigl, Asaf Aharonson, Cécile Bally, Siegmar Zacharias, Agata Siniarska.

More artists to be announced.



DANSEATELIER is a place and a group of 11 friends working in the field of dance and choreography in Copenhagen. The initiative origins from a need for continuity, a space for sharing of knowledge, as well as social and artistic support. Danseatelier takes steps away from individualization and loneliness whether its through hosting, sharing or making work. It is an ongoing organizational and creative research in collectivity, morphing with time and needs.

KARIS ZIDORE (DK) is a dance- and sound artist working in the context of Danseatelier in Copenhagen. She is concerned with collective organizational strategies, social dancing/support and deconstructed dance music.

STINE FRANDSEN (DK) is a dancer and choreographer living and working in Copenhagen. Being part of the artist collectives Danseatelier, Breakfast Club and others, she is invested in collective and aesthetic learning processes with a focus on sensory and energetic explorations.

EMILIA GASIOREK (GB) is a dancer and choreographer based in Copenhagen. She is a part of Danseatelier where she researches into rhizomatic structures. She works through feminism and intuition, exploring the notion of circlusion and how knowledge is held and carried.

EVA ROWSON (GB) is a co-worker in la musea, a Catalan-Spanish-English project to reimagine the museum from a feminist perspective. Her own work is focused in how we build organisations and the work that ‘makes things happen’. She co-founded living room project space 38b and is currently Curator in Residence at Lighthouse (Brighton, UK).

LA MUSEA is an evolving, collaborative Catalan-Spanish-English project to reimagine the workings of the museum from a feminist perspective and how this institution would move, sound and feel.

AMALIA KASAKOVE (FI) and ANNA LEA OURØ (DK) are a Copenhagen based artist duo that resides in the field of dance and choreography. After graduating from The Danish National School of Performing Arts in 2017 they moved to Paris and back again. Alongside performing at various venues in Denmark and France, their film work has been awarded at Cannes Film Festival 2018 and they are involved in projects that reach out to an iron mine in Sweden, to a small island in Lofoten and back to Copenhagen again.

ASAF AHARONSON (IL) is a recent graduate of the BA Dance & Choreography programme of HZT, Berlin. He has among others collaborated and performed with Peter Pleyer, Mia Habib, Hana Erdman, Iris Erez, Tami Lebovits and Arkadie Zidas. Through his art practice he aims to prioritize spending time with others as the primary site for the generation of material for live performance.

ELLEN SÖDERHULT (SE) is trained as a dancer and circus artist and has an appetite for
dancing and singing as collective art forms. She is active as a dancer and choreographer and
has performed works by Sindri Rundudde, Iki Gonzales Magnusson, Simone Forti, Sandra
Medina and Anna Efraimsson. Her latest pieces include the sporty punk ballet ”How to do
things with Romance: a prologue” and ”Shane et al.” in which she worked with choir singing,
scents and camouflage.

DANIEL IINATTI (SE) is a Stockholm based DJ, curator and artist. Together with Anna
Sagström he is the founder of Country Music, amongst other a digital platform for publication
of music in the shape of an exploratory project for what periphery, geography, class and
capital means today, through a lens of music, text, speed and materiality.

IKI GONZALEZ MAGNUSSON (SE) started her career as a breakdancer and is the founder
of the non-profit organization Utopia which in multiple ways fights for a society and cultural life
without excluding ability norms and works with directing attention to and change what is
considered culture, who is allowed to create and practice culture and what it can be like. Iki
has a background in music and is active as a choreographer, dancer, DJ and club organizer.

EMELIE ”EMPO” ENLUND (SE) is a performing artist, dancer and choreographer educated at
Stockholm University of the Arts and Stockholm University. With a dance technical
background in the genres of Streetdance she combines methods from contemporary
improvisation and dance with performance and choreography. During the recent years she
has foremost been part of dance and performance group JUCK and the project We Love

SEPIDEH KHODARAHMI (SE) is a trained actor, dancer and performance artist. She has a
background in hiphop and urban dance styles. Sepideh works within dance, theatre,
contemporary circus and has also choreographed and directed various shows. Sepideh has
worked with amongst other the performance group Blaue Frau, Sindri Runudde and at
Stockholms Stadsteater.

LISEN ELLARD (SE), performer and dancer. She is busy with durational states of slowness
and presence together with the audience and other notions of togetherness. She has also
been working with different femininities as an empowering strategy. In 2013 Lisen graduated
from the BA program in dance performance at DOCH.

JULIA RODRÍGUEZ (MX) is a Mexican-born artist living and working in Berlin. Her artistic practice is situated within the performing arts field and unfolds in various environments. She currently develops her own work where she explores the gap between thought and experience, the potential of imagination and the politics of expectation. She develops projects with other artists both as a collaborator and as a performer.



30th August 13-16 workshop, 18-23 evening programme with performances, dinner + DJ

31st August 13-16 workshop, 18-23 evening programme with performances, dinner + DJ

More detailed programme to be announced soon.

Tickets for thecarrierbag festival:

Complete festival pass: 170 DKK

Full one-day pass: 100 DKK

Workshop: 70 DKK

Evening programme: 50 DKK

Tickets bought on the day at Danseatelier. Limmited amount


Morning training in collaboration with Dansehallerne:

During the week of the festival and the week directly after the festival, there will be morning training with artists presenting works at thecarrierbag festival. Week 35 will be with Asaf Aharonson and week 36 with Anna Lea Ourø and Amalia Kasakove. This will take place at Sceneindgangen from 10-11.30. Morning training is not included in the festival pass.

More info here


Curators, artistic research and producers: Emilia Gasiorek, Karis Zidore, Stine Frandsen
Host: Danseatelier
Visual identity: Wilfred Wagner
Co-producer: Dansehallerne

Support: Statens Kunstfond and Nørrebro Lokaludvalg


Venue: Danseatelier, Blegdamsvej 18A, København N, 2200

Danseatelier, Blegdamsvej 18A, 2200 Copenhagen N

Graphic: Wilfred Wagner