Presented in collaboration between Dansehallerne and Betty Nansen Teatret: 

Dansehallerne x Betty
Cutting-edge performances, talks & more
September – October 2020

Dancing moonlight and glittering stars in a magical night-time worldTwo luminous dance-creatures wake up and invite parents and infants to go on a gentle journey that appeals to all the senses, entering a harmonious and cosy night-time world full of whooshing moonlight and starlit melodies. Here, the stars can be experienced up close. The little ones can touch them, see them, hear them.

The floor is covered in a soft rug, allowing the babies to move around freely in this nocturnal realm or simply lie down and enjoy the experience. 

The Night is partly a dance performance, partly an installation, speaking to all our senses with fragrance, dance, light and music. It is an intimate experience, too: only 15 babies and 15 adults are allowed in at a time.

The duration of the performance is 30 minutes, after which the babies are free to play in the room for 10 minutes. Each ticket is valid for one adult and one baby aged 418 months. 

Watch Danjel Andersson and Elisa Kragerup’s introduction to The Night:

/ My Grönholdt
Dancers / My Nilsson, Marie Bru Eide
Scenography and costume design / Mie Riis
Composer / Erik Christoffersen
Lighting / Mikkel Jensen
Consultants / Antoinette
Helbing, Dalija Acin Thelander
Photo / Morten Arnfred

Producer / MYKA

Administration and sparring / The Dansehallerne
Project Centre
First performance / 2018

About MYKA
company is led by dancer and choreographer My Grönholdt (SE/DK), who is a trained dancer from the Danish National School of Performing Arts. The company produces innovative shows and installations for young audiences while addressing current issues and themes that can affect all people. Their productions create magical universes that engage many of our senses, drawing inspiration from nature, animals and natural phenomena. 

About KORA
In 2020, the
Dansehallerne project KORA chose THE NIGHT as one of the performances selected to visit Danish daycare centres aimed at the very youngest. This will involve an amended version of the production, THE MOON, which has been specially adjusted to be suitable for creative and choreographic visits carried out on the childrens terms and adapted to their everyday lives.  

The beating heart of KORA is its devotion to art, and all its efforts are rooted in Dansehallerne’s firm conviction that children and young people have a right and need to meet art in their day-to-day existence. Dance and choreography help to broaden the horizons of children and young adults, expanding their view of how one may act in the world, thereby offering essential input as the young ones explore and form their own identities. 

Where and when
The Night
 is presented September 26th-27th, 10am, 11.30 am, 1pm  at Edison, Edisonsvej 10, 1856 Frederiksberg C (Betty Nansen Theatre’s annex scene)

NB: Before welcoming our audience, Dansehallerne x Betty will have taken precautions in keeping with the general recommendations regarding hygiene, spacing, and so on. In the unlikely event of us having to cancel a performance, all ticketholders will get their money back. Thus, buying tickets for The Night is perfectly safe.