Dansehallerne, Ta' fat om dansen


How does the involvement of citizens, communities and audiences in art projects influence artwork, artists and arts institutions?

Taking our point of departure in this question, we explore the potential and the challenges of participatory (choreographic) art. Experience Studio Wayne McGregor (UK), Poste Restante (SWE), Fevered Sleep (UK), Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen (GER), hello!earth (DK), Wooloo (DK), and keynote speaker Birgit Eriksson (associate professor and leader of the network Take Part at Aarhus University, DK).
The main target group of the conference is artists, art and culture institutions as well as independent producers and project managers.

The conference will be in English and is part of the theatre festival CPH Stage.

Read more about the programme for May 31st here.

You can also participate in the conference “Dance in Schools” May 30th 2017. Read more here.

Tickets (buy before May 8th)
One day ticket May 31st: Taking Part in the Arts?: 125-250 kr. / Buy ticket here
Two days ticket May 30th and 31st: 200-400 kr. / Buy ticket here

As a special offer and in collaboration with CPH Stage, we offer our conference guests tickets at a special price for the performance ‘The Blind Poet’ by Needcompany (BEL), playing at The Royal Theatre, ‘Gamle Scene’, May 31st at 19.00 / 100 kr. / Buy ticket here

(please follow this link, and when you reach the payment site, the price will be changed to 100 DKK)

Ta’ fat om dansen
The conference springs from Dansehallerne’s nationwide project “Ta’ Fat Om Dansen” (Make Dance Matter) supported by the Nordea Foundation. This project has brought community dance activities to thousands of people in Denmark from 2014 to 2017.  A number of these cases will be presented during the conference.

kl. 9.00-15.30

125-250 kr. incl. lunch, tea og coffee

Photo: Ard Jongsma - From the performance, Se byens krop