Sydhavn is Buzzing

Sydhavn is Buzzing is an artistic citizen-involving project in Sydhavnen, which takes place October 26th – November 21st, 2020.

The project has a colourful caravan as a mobile centre which the project’s four international artists will move around in Sydhavnen as they invite the locals to participate in activities and experience new places with buzzing stories in the area.
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In collaboration with the locals, it is intended to fold ten thousand origami toads. They will at the end become one large installation which everyone can contribute to the creation of on Saturday, November 21st when all the toads gather.

We invite all to join the folding of ten thousand Sydhavn-toads at small origami workshops or other toad activities. You can see how to fold your personal toad here in our instructional film.

You can also experience site-specific stories, movement workshops and other activities for both children and adults in the period October 26th – November 21st.

The project originates from and rounds off four artists focus on capturing the pulse and stories in Sydhavnen, with a special interest in the area’s community, diversity and creativity.
The ambition is  to give new life to locally-based narratives and try to recreate new common narratives across new and old ones.

Sydhavn is Buzzing is executed as a part of the EU-project Centriphery and is a collaboration between Dansehallerne and the local partner Sydhavn Theatre.


More about Centriphery
The project involves nine European organisations
: New Culture Foundation (BG), RIJEKA 2020 (CRO), Prin Banat (RO), Walk&Talk/Azores (PT), Festival der Regionen (AT), La Manufacture (F), Cultura Nova Festival (NL), Espoo City Theatre (FI) and Dansehallerne (DK);

18 international artists from different disciplines and local artists and citizens from nine different local regions, all working closely together to create activities, dialogues and performances that are based on citizens’ stories and local myths. This is done in the belief that art and artists can be catalysts to make local narratives visible and make new ones grow. Thereby we hope all of us will become more aware, and expand our views of our local area, ourselves and each other.
Centriphery will initiate projects in nine countries, each of which in different ways will explore, develop and collect new methods and artistic practices to create artistically driven activities that feature citizen involvement.

More info about Dansehallerne and Centriphery here.

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