Camilla Stage

Suite of TOUCH

A suite for 7 international dance artists and 3 musicians playing live on baroque instruments.

To be touched physically can give emotional reactions. Likewise, to be emotionally touched can give us physical reactions. In meetings where we touch our selves or each other, we are moved. We feel connected and alive. We get excited, nervous or we feel joy. Some people even say that ’to touch’ is as essential for survival as ’to breathe’.

In a close interaction with the expressive music composed by Marin Marais and Monsieur de Sainte-Colombe, Camilla Stage together with musician and consultant Mogens Rasmussen presents a suite of sophisticated ornamental dances. A suite that – room by room, touch by touch – creates the performance and its changeable and playful patterns of movements.

Stage director and choreographer Camilla Stage has gathered an impressive string of charismatic and international dance artists. The music will be performed live on the baroque instruments viola de gamba, theorbe and harpsichord.

Duration: 1 hour.
Stage director and choreographer:
Camilla Stage (DK)

Maria Naidu (India/Sweden), Tomomi Yamauchi (Japan/DK), Jean Hugues-Miredin (Martinique/DK), Jan Vesala (Sweden/DK), Jordi Puigdefàbregas Serra (Spain), Susanne Judson (DK), Miguel Cortes (Sverige)

Music consultant:
Mogens Rasmussen (DK)

Mogens Rasmussen (DK) on viola de gamba
Dohyo Sol (Sweden) på theorbe
Babett Hartmann på harpsichord (DK)


About Camilla Stage:
Camilla Stage has worked with dance and choreography in 25 years and has created more than 28 works. Among the recent works is Poetry in White from 2012 and the solo work Finally a deer came out from the forest. In 2013 she presented Into the Light at Loona Night in Dansehallerne. She participates in Dance Force 40+ showing ’The I Koncept’ at CPH STAGE 2015.

Camilla Stage is educated in Germany in the 1990’s at Folkwang Staatliche Hochschule für Tanz under artistic direction of the legendary choreographer and innovator of dance Pina Bausch. In Denmark she is best known from Win Wenders movie ‘PINA’ – dance, dance otherwise we are lost.

Camilla Stage’s style is based on the European tradition for expressive dance and dance theatre. A tradition she continuously challenges and explores in her artistic work together with the involved dancers.

Duration: 60 min.

Tue-Sat 7 pm, sun 5 pm

Big Stage

125,- / 55,- youth