Lisa Vereertbrugghen

Softcore – a Hardcore Encounter

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SOFTCORE – a hardcore encounter

The performer dances, speaks, rests, feels, occupies, dances, dances, dances and remains hardcore.

For Softcore – A Hardcore Encounter, dancer and choreographer Lisa Vereertbrugghen immersed herself in hardcore techno. Do not expect an oversized training vest and Nike Air Max sneakers, but a dance talk, at 180 beats per minute.

Evolving around hardcore and pornography, camouflage, speed and breaking, the performance questions both the hard and the core in hardcore techno and points to its text(ure) and potential.

Hardcore is techno on amphetamines. It is rave gone crazy. It is the sound of the underdog, the one who is not fitting in. What if dancing so fast can be a way to appropriate speed not for being more productive, but for the opposite: Speed becomes a way to increase sensations and to elude control.

“At 200 beats per minute you don’t think. There is no room for self-expression, nor time to be thinking about self-representation. It is this freedom that is being portrayed when you see Lisa Vereertbrugghen perform.” Etcetera – Charlotte De Somviele, 04-11-18

Lisa Vereertbrugghen (NL/BE)
She has the last years been researching the hardcore techno dance Gabber – hardcore techno subculture and softcore choreography and has been creating different pieces and installations along the way. In SOFTCORE – a hardcore encounter she approaches Gabber as softcore bodypolitics.
Her background is as a choreographer and performance artist based in Brussels. Before turning to dance she earned an MA in History from the University of Leuven. After a year in Berlin to study dance, she moved to Amsterdam for choreography studies at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO).
Her work is situated in the zone in between choreography and visual art and is shown in theaters, galleries and other places. Apart from creating her own pieces, she has performed in projects created by choreographers Deborah Hay and Benoît Lachambre, and visual artists, including Min Oh and Lot Meijers. In 2013 she received the danceWEB Scholarship at ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna and in that same year her piece Eins Zwo was selected for the International Theaterschool festival IT’s.

Concept, choreography and performance / Lisa Vereertbrugghen
Sound / Michael Langeder
Lights / Vera Martins
Artistic advice / Madison Bycroft, Sabine Cmelniski, Nestor Garcia Diaz
Coproduction of / CENTRALE FIES within the program of LIVE WORKS PERFORMANCE ACT AWARD, STUK, BUDA and BIT Teatergarasjen
With the support of / CAMPO, Tanzfabrik, Workspace Brussels and SZENE Salzburg.
Funded by de Vlaamse Overheid and apap
Premiere / June 15th 2018 at Kunstnercentrum BUDA, Kortrijk

Duration: 45 minutes (no intermission)

When / 8 pm

Where / Koncertkirken, Blågårds Plads 6A, Copenhagen