Katarina Eriksson & Per Sacklén, Räserbyrån

Rustle / Close Encounters Vol. 2

Rustle – a dance performance for the youngest

Rustle is a dance performance for children age 6 months to two years and a close adult. The discoveries of the children are essential to the performance.

In Rustle we work with paper bags, the sound of them, how they feel and what may hide in them? How can they move? What can you build out of them?

The paper bags are also scenography; a wall of paper bags starts to glow and you can see shadows move behind it. We explore together with the children and also dance for them. Everything can be touched and tasted, you can push and pull, itś ok!
In Rustle we communicate through movement, music and play; our young audience has not yet developed the spoken language.
We offer a space where the children can take their time with what makes them curious. Our experience with improvisation gives us the tools to be responsive to their explorations.
The babies are invited to take part in the exploration of movement and rustle with the guidance of the two dancers. The parents share the experience and are encouraged to let their little ones go off exploring on their own.

After the performance we let the babies go and explore the space and the materials – if they like to.

”Rustle has made me look at performances for young children in a new way”
(Helena Kallio, museum director of the Theater museum, Finland)

April 4th 9.30 + 11.00
April 5th 9.30 + 11.00
April 6th 9.30 + 11.30
April 7th 9.30 + 11.30

Close Encounters Vol. 2 – for the brave audience
The performance Rustle is part of the festival Close Encounters Vol. 2. – four intense days of present and participatory works, performances and installations, where we invite the audience to come closer. It all takes place at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, with threads into the city of Copenhagen.
More info about the program for the festival Close Encounters here

The Artists
Katarina Eriksson and Per Sacklén come from the dance collective Räserbyrån,  established in 1997, based in Stockholm, Sweden. It evolved from a vision of a different way of creating movement based performances where the democratic process and the need to question accepted norms have been guiding stars.
In 2008 they choreographed their first performance for children. Since then three more shows for young audiences have been created. “Communication” and “participation” are their key words when setting up the conditions for works for children. Improvisation and relating to the unforeseen is used as tools; when meeting the audience the performances come to life.

Dancers / Performers
Per Sacklén, Katarina Eriksson
Choreographer Per Sacklén, Katarina Eriksson
Music Per Sacklén, Katarina Eriksson
Light, sound & set design Per Sacklén, Katarina Eriksson
Costume (design) Per Sacklén, Katarina Eriksson
Rustle is produced by Räserbyrån in collaboration with The Museum of modern art in Stockholm Sweden, with financial support from The Swedish Arts Grants Committee and The Culture Department, City of Stockholm.
All photos Elizaveta Penkova
Video trailer filmed and edited by Kristoffer Elfström and Lisa Josephson

Rustle premiered at Moderna Museet October 20, 2013


Duration: Approx 45 min (including time to explore after the performance)

Where / Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Oslo Plads 1, CPH