Livingstones Kabinet


The award-winning, internationally-touring theatre ensemble Livingstones Kabinet present a musical performance about the disorderly nature of life.

We all have a tendency to seek meaning and explanation in chaos. RANDOM embraces instead the chaos itself, to create a joyously disconnected dream world. Events occur in the wrong order, words become detached from their usual meanings. RANDOM is a howl of protest against the forces who would seek to impose a corporate uniformity of expression on the glorious shambles of our common humanity. If we are to survive, our hearts must beat in an orderly fashion, but our brains must always remain chaotic.
RANDOM is a challenging dance with chance and a visceral celebration of a life we cannot control.

Performed in English

Performers:/ Kristina Sørensen Ougaard, Pernille Koch, Piet Gitz-Johansen, Petter Wadsteen and Pete Livingstone
Director / Nina Kareis
Set designer / Julie Forchhammer
Choreographer / Adelaide Bentzon
Composer / Pete Livingstone

Duration: appr. 60 minutes (no intermission)

Thursday 6 pm, friday 4 pm + 8 pm

Big Stage

40-100 kr.