Eva Meyer-Keller / Choreography in action

Pondering perspectives

Part of the program CHOREOGRAPHY IN ACTION

In this performance lecture Eva Meyer-Keller will share her artistic research into molecular biology. Eva will perform some elements live, show video excerpts and photographs and talk about the stories, questions and observations that she encountered so far.
As part of the presentation while watching traces of elementary particles, Eva Meyer-Keller will have a meandering conversation about adjacent topics with her artistic collaborator, Ilya Noé, a visual/performance artist-researcher from Mexico.

Eva´s work has long examined the relationship between art and science and she understand both as specific ways of testing and evaluating the world around us.
Eva is convinced that an intuitive approach, which begins in the realm of things – material and physical – can create alternative knowledge “experimentally”, in the full sense of the word and that scientific systems, constructs and models have more to do with speculation and performativity than is obvious at first sight.

As lay people, we usually know very little about how knowledge is generated in the field of molecular biology, how things are actually observed or what the nature of the experiments concretely are. In this vacuum, our ideas are influenced either by discourses around innovation and optimisation or futuristic dystopias.

Eva Meyer-Keller wish with her presentation to provide a sensory space to experience, ask questions and to raise awareness of what we do when we try to understand “life”. She is interested in the haptic nature and materiality of their professional environment. Their concrete, sensory experience is indispensable to our playful transposition of research environments, contrasting the deliberately sterile, objective conditions of the lab with our rough, dirty, basic conditions on stage.
She will e.g. look at procedures how biological material is prepared before it is even looked at through a microscope. She is committed to translate these procedures using everyday materials. Through this kind of absurd investigation a yet unexpected knowledge might be obtained.

Eva Meyer-Keller
Eva Meyer-Keller (1972) lives and works in Berlin. Eva works at the interface of choreography, performance and visual art and has a fascination for natural sciences and trans-disciplinary approaches. Before graduating from the School for New Dance Development (SNDO) in Amsterdam she studied photography and Visual Arts in Berlin (Hochschule der Künste) and London (Central St. Martins and King’s College).
Eva is the first artist to be supported by RESA pilot programme.
Her artwork is distinguished by its meticulous attention to detail. Eva often uses everyday objects from her immediate surroundings, things that she finds at home, in the supermarket or in the tool shed. This lends the work an obsessive, domestic aesthetic. Her working method is marked by a constructive disregard for the imposition of any boundary between visual and performing arts. Throughout her artistic career, Eva has developed a number of solo and group performance pieces, as well as exhibition, installations, films and workshop formats. She has held on-going teaching positions at several degree programs across Europe since 2010.

IIya Noé
Is currently concluding her PhD in Performance Studies at the University of California.

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Kunsthal Charlottenborg
CHOREOGRPAHY IN ACTION  takes place at Charlottenborg Art Cinema. The distinctive art institution Kunsthal Charlottenborg ia a close collaborator of Dansehallerne.





When / 7-9 pm

Where / Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, Cph K

Foto / Rhonda Repotente