One-day workshop with Alma Söderberg and MESHES

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Artists’ seminar
Dansehallerne presents a one-day-seminar in Copenhagen. It is for artists interested in the relations between body, voice, rhythm, sound, movement and dance weaving the threads of the choreographic and musical works into a performative setting with a young audience. At the seminar, you will both take part in the interactive work Mash Up  guided by the arts collective MESHES as well as a practical workshop led by choreographer Alma Söderberg. 
The seminar will also provide time for exchanging reflections and collegial networking. 

9.00-9.15: Arrival – Coffee/tea
9.15-9.30: Welcome
9.30-11.00: Performance – Meshes’ Mash Up
11.00-12.00: We spend some time together reflecting upon Mash Up and what we’ve just experienced
12.00-13.00: Lunch
13.00-15.00: Workshop with Alma Söderberg
15.00-15.15: Coffee/tea and sweets
15.15-16.00: Information from Dansehallerne – and network

The seminar takes place 23rd of June at 9.00 – 16.00
at GAME, Enghavevej 82 D, 2450 Copenhagen SV.

Registration fee is DKK 150 which includes lunch, coffee/tea and sweets.
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NOTE! We follow the guidelines of the National Board of Health regarding COVID-19. The number of participants will be adjusted according to the space, and we will ensure that the current health guidelines are adhered to.

MESHES and Mash Up
The artist collective MESHES (DK) consists of two drummers and to dancers. Being a part of their interactive work Mash Up you will investigate the relationship between body and sound together with the artists. Mash Up ask questions such as: How can you translate the sound of drums into a physical movement score? Which sounds and rhythms are played by the moving body?  

Alma Söderberg
Price-winning choreographer and performer Alma Söderberg (S) works with her voice and body to play space as if it was an instrument. Her ongoing research deals with how we listen as we look; the relation between the ear and the eye and with polyrhythm. In her workshop, at the seminar, she invites you to take part in her artistic practice and play with polyrhythm – an investigation of the layering of different rhythms, in order to create grooves and intensify listening to rhythm.  


The Artists’ seminar is produced and arranged by Dansehallerne.
It is hosted in cooperation with Den Danske Scenekunstskole / Danseformidlingsuddannelsen og Efter- og videreuddannelsen. 


When / 23rd of June at 9.00 – 16.00

Where / GAME, Enghavevej 82 D, 2450 København SV.

Meshes / foto Martin Dam Kristensen