Marcus Doverud (SE)

One Chicken hundred Oysters / Close Encounters Vol. 2

Opening event of the festival Close Encounters Vol. 2

We feed on each other.
Eating and being eaten. Consumed.
We feed on others together. Alone.
Offering a shared meal cooked on, with and by,
ourselves and others. Incorporated.

The frightening and conflictual fantasy of eating each other as well as with each other might seem preposterous. In symbolic terms however it does not seem all that unlikely:
”You are so cute that I want to eat you…” type of logic.
Becoming one-with the one, or the what, you want (to eat), is trumped up by the nuisance of not being able to have and eat the cookie simultaneously.
Once your gluttonous desire is fulfilled you no longer have what you wanted to eat.
Eating has to do with nourishment, acceptance of loss, as well as the handling of waste.

Having turned something beautiful to shit quite literally can cause anxiety unless we are able to account for the sacrifices made for sustenance. So how can we gorge, share a meal, and care a meal at the same time? Is it at all possible? Who consents to what? The love and care of/for foods in a shared meal, is an excellent opportunity to address this. ”Who´s cooking tonight…?”

The latin root of the word companion means someone with whom we break bread: com- ‘together with’ + panis ‘bread’. The One chicken hundred oysters event, offers us to indulge in the sensuous practice of exploring and re-thinking established relationships of: with whom we eat. Whom we eat. And the possible nutritious exchange and sacrifices thereof.

At the opening of this years Close Encounters Vol. 2 we cook some dishes together that I have prepared and eat and share them amongst us.

Marcus Doverud,
Café Polykrom and The Close Encounters crew

About Marcus Doverud
He is a performing artist with a background in music, philosophy, choreography and performance. He published the book Viformation together with his long time collaborator visual artist Liv Strand. In October 2018 the piece Hudjaget premiered, Doverud’s first work made for several dancers. During 2019 the new piece Samples Songs and Prayers will be performed, as well as the initiation of the coming work “Thinking with Music”.
He graduated from the Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and studied in aesthetic philosophy at the Institution for Culture and Communication at Södertörn University College. His work move between different stages dealing with bodily, spatial and sonic utterances and their interrelations.

Collaborations are widespread in Marcus work and through dialog moving toward a differentiated politicization of the aesthetic. Part-taking in the contemporary field of art and education Marcus aspires to describe-create contractions in culture that pave for ways of understanding, responding and being together.

April 4th at 6 pm

Close Ecounters Vol. 2
The event is part of the festival Close Encounters Vol. 2 – Dansehallernes festival, presented at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art.
Welcome to four days with international performative choreographic works and installations that invite the audience into a co-creation universe. The festival offers an opportunity to explore, be provoked and seduced. Check the full program here

Tickets for Close Encounters Vol. 2
You buy a festival ticket for a day in the period April 4-7, 2019 and the chosen day you can experience all the works, installations and talks going on – except for the children´s performance RUSTLE/KNITREN where you must buy a separate ticket.

Notice there is limited access to the performances IN IT TOGETHER and feelings, half an hour before the performances begin you can reserve a “ticket” at the box office, first-come-first served!

Opening hours of the festival
April 4th / 6-9.30 pm
April 5th-6th / 3-9.30 pm
April 7th / 3-6 pm

Where / Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Oslo Plads 1, CPH