Marco Flores & José Almarcha

Milonga, Sonata y Plata

Flamenco star Marco Flores visits Copenhagen with the performance ‘Milonga, Sonata y Plata’ in a duet with guitarist José Almarcha.

Flamencópolis and Union, in collaboration with Dansehallerne, have the honor of presenting one of the greatest flamenco artists, the dancer Marco Flores, on Sunday 23 August at 17.30.

Marco Flores performs the work ‘Milonga, Sonata y Plata’ a work inspired by musical pieces from Spain’s 1920s and 30s – ‘Generación de Plata’. Together with the renowned flamenco guitarist José Almarcha, Flores creates art where music becomes dance and dance to music in an intimate setting on Union’s outdoor stage.

At the age of 18, Marco Flores (1981, Cádiz) became a company dancer for the legend Sara Baras. In 2004, he began choreographic collaborations with both Manuel Liñan, Daniel Doña and Olga Pericet, creating his first major productions. From 2010 he has had his own dance company with 7 world-touring works and won countless awards for his artistic work.

Flores has a technical level that few can match, but that does not overshadow his love of dance, and the emotions flourish when he goes on stage. Flores has a unique style that mixes masculine and feminine movements, humor with seriousness, and traditional flamenco gets a modern look. Marco Flores is nothing short of a moving work of art.

This will be Marco Flores’ first visit to Denmark, and we look forward to sharing this fantastic experience with you.

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Phyllis Akinyi is the curator and lead person behind Flamencópolis CPH. She is a trained flamenco dancer from the renowned Centro de Arte Flamenco Amor de Dios in Madrid and has lived in Spain for 7 years in the period 2007-19. Over the last few years, she has curated several flamenco shows with some of the best flamenco artists in Madrid and developed an experimental and minimalist approach to flamenco.

Flamencópolis is the creation of a new center for flamenco, where experiments are carried out while preserving tradition and roots. Where there is room for both new and old practices, and where different generations, genders, ethnicities, and nationalities meet artistically on stage.

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Venue: Union, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 Copenhagen N

Duration: 1 hour

Sunday August 23th at 5:30 PM

Union, Nørre Allé 7, 2200 København N

200,- +fee