Dansehallerne invites everybody inside our popular informal lobby scene, available for experimental, new artists.

In a crude and simple frame, you can experience different artists perform a little solo or the like with a duration of max. 10 minutes each.

A chance to experience art and artists up close
This evening is a unique opportunity to experience a series of short works, raw ideas, inexperienced visions, playful experiments and short masterpieces within the framework of an informal environment, where dancers meet and receive feedback from the audience. It is also a chance to experience art and the artists up close and take part in the development of the works – in an informal frame without barriers between audience and performers and without a backstage – with room for immediate reactions and dialogue.

The host will be Boaz Barkan
The host for Loona Nights will be dancer and choreographer Boaz Barkan. It is the first time he will be the host. Boaz has been in Dansehallerne before. In 2015 he made the performance May I Speak About Dance?

Boaz Barkan is a creator and facilitator in the field of dance, performance and somatic education (BWL, Feldenkrais, Iyengar Yoga.). Boaz works with movement and embodiment as transformative mediums for performers and audeince, practitioners and participants.

See the program for the evening here

The concept
– Dansehallerne sends out an “open call”
– The work shown must last a maximum of 10 minutes.
– Low-key production – the stage is raw and simple with basic lighting and sound.
– The program for LOONA NIGHT will be printed and published on the day of the event.
– There will be a printed program with the title, cast, type, duration and credits.
– The audience is welcome to talk, walk around and meet each other for a chat – also during the   performance.
– No seating.

OPEN CALL – Calling all performing artists
Do you want to show your work at Loona Nights?

Read Open Call and send this application to Hanne Svejstrup (

Deadline: 22nd of August 2016

Previously on Loona Nights
Camilla Stage (DK), Marie Topp (DK), Lucy Suggate (UK), My Grönholdt (SE), My Nilsson (S) & Sophia Mage (DK/USA), Taryn McGovern(USA), Adrian Skjoldborg (DK), Paul Gordon (US) & Arina Trostyanetskaya, Fie Dam Mygind (DK), Marie Brolin (SE), Livingstones Kabinet (DK), Jon Hoff (DK), Annika Kompart (GE) & Pierre Enaux (FR), Volcan Dance Company (FR), Casper – Malte Augusta (DK), David Tholander (DK) and more.

Duration: app- 2 hours and 30 minutes

8:30 PM

Foyer Stage

free entrance