Dominik Grünbühel (AT) & Charlotta Ruth(SE/AT)

Living Documents I-V

Choreographic Installation

A walk between 5 looped choreographic installations with Charlotta Ruth (SE/AT), Dominik Grünbühel (A), PETER (UK/SE), Jenni Elina von Bagh (FI) and Anna Öberg (SE).

Within five short choreographies, which are looped and play for three hours, Living Documents investigates the contradictory yet widespread practice of documenting dance and performance art.

When working with art in live situations, documentation tends to be the necessary evil where the work is forced to change into something rather static. In Living Documents we are embracing this friction by examining documentation formats and approaching work of 5 artists with documentary methods. We are also challenging the idea of a documentation and documents through playing with what “ephemeral documentation” possibly can be. After an initial research phase in 2017 we began exploring vanishing situations through repetition. The five performance installations differ in aesthetics but share the parameter of time: the loop. Can the loop be approached as a living documentation medium? Live-loops borrow the quality of recordings in that they can be viewed or played over and over again, but since we who perform and you who pass by as visitors are unavoidably different every time, the loop also enhances the live situation by making differences visible in conjunction with memory.

Living Documents is conceptualised as a series and aims at acknowledging transitory moments of practice and recurring themes rather than the artists’ final products.

ANNA ÖBERG plays with interpretation and passing-on of material as well as the scope for lies and half-truth realities.
CHARLOTTA RUTH mixes up what happens and what has already happened and secures evidence with the help of witnesses and blue tape.
DOMINIK GRÜNBÜHEL doubles the body and renegotiates reality into a music video.
JENNI-ELINA VON BAGH melts props, anatomy and her archive of life together and observes it through a future prism.
PETER invites to a (market) place of activities where a memorial regularly resets all investments.

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Artistic direction: Charlotta Ruth, Dominik Grünbühel
Choreography & performance: Peter Mills, Dominik Grünbühel, Jenni Elina von Bagh, Charlotta Ruth, Anna Öberg
Set-design: Sofia Romberg, Luke Baio
Sound Design: Johannes Burström
Programming: Johannes Burström & Johanna Pfabigan
Essay & conversation: Vendela Grundell
Logo: Maiko Sakurai
Production: Ruth & Grünbühel

With kind support from: Arts Council Sweden, Municipal Department of Cultural Affairs Vienna, Nordic Baltic Mobility Program, Arts Grants Committee Sweden.

Thanks to: Anna Lindblad, Anders Löfberg, Lisa Schåman, Pontus Petterson, Anna Vnuk, Julian Vogel, Sarah Blumenfeld, Michael Bruckner, Ingrid Cogne, Georg Eckmayr, Anne Juren, Alessandra Kopp, Andreas Strauss, Elizabeth Ward, Eva Wallensteiner, SITE Sweden, Familjebostäder AB, Ulrika Majs & Pertti Bengtsson, Ruth & Ferdinand Mayrhofer Grünbühel, Walter Ruth.

Practical Info
Living Documents is presented in collaboration with Warehouse9
6. – 8th of Sep. 2019 / Friday 5-8pm, saturday and sunday 2-5pm / At and around Warehouse9
Living Documents I-V take place at 5 different places in and around Warehouse9. Audience can come, stay and go as they like during these times, each looped performance is appr. 15 min.

Duration: Each looped performance is appr. 15 min. / In total: 3 hours

fri - sun: Each Loop of 15 min. Opening hours: Friday: 17-20, Saturday: 14-17, Sunday: 14-17

Venue: Warehouse9, Halmtorvet 11A-F, 1700 KBH V

Free entrance

Living Documents I-V / Fotocredit: Romberg/Baio/Sakurai