Diana Damian Martin (UK)

Innovative Leadership: A Lexicon of Slippery Critique

This lecture presents a lexicon of encounters with pieces of criticism that unsettle – by means of their affective density, their slipperiness, or their rejection of the category of criticism itself.

This lecture creates a network of alternative modes of criticality to unpack what conflicts shape politics of the recognition of criticism, moving beyond what Bojana Kunst calls ‘the ready-made possibilities of discourse’ under neoliberalism, that is, the ‘pre-established models of criticality and reflexivity’ of which art and artistic subjectivity often partake.

This is a lecture about critique as a process of deliberately mishandled translation, a political occupation of an idea shifted elsewhere, an event of displaced meaning in the thickness of now.

Diana Damian Martin is a performance and live art writer and researcher. She is co-editor of Critical Interruptions Vol 1: Steakhouse LIVE (2018) and Critics in Conversation (2018), and editor of (states of) wake: Dedicating Performance (2018).

Diana’s collaborative projects include an ongoing programme on the intersection between writing, criticism and live art with Pacitti Company / SPILL Festival of Performance, a live writing pilot project with Steakhouse Live and Critical Interruptions, which she co-founded with Bojana Jankovic, and ongoing work with Generative Constraints Committee and Writingshop, a pan-European project examining how criticism thinks politically.

Her academic work has been published in Global Performance Studies, Performance Research, Contemporary Theatre Review, and Journal for Theatre, Dance and Performance Training. She completed her doctorate ‘Criticism as a Political Event: the emergence of performance criticism 2006-2017’ at Royal Holloway, University of London, for which she was a recipient of the Royal Holloway and Bedford Scholarship for Excellence, and works as a Lecturer in Performance Arts at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.

About The Innovative Leadership Network (ILN)

Artists as leaders of change”

ILN is a Nordic cross-disciplinary platform working towards enabling artists to become leaders, developing innovative methods for artistic research activities, as well as developing new ideas in relation to rethinking institutions, increasing audience engagement, investigating new presentation formats, tackling political & societal issues or working on sustainable practicesin order to challenge status quo.

The platform proposes fruitful exchanges between Nordic & European artists, researchers and creative workers from the performing arts field through networking events, lectures & thematic workshops, and open seminars that will take place in Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway from April 2018 to October 2020. Regular online publications will feed the reflection and build cross-sectoral knowledge.

INL is one strand of an ambitious Artist’s Research Lab and Residency Programme developed by Dansehallerne and its partners.

Venue: Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, 1051 København K

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Duration: 2 hours

4 - 6 pm

Kunsthal Charlottenborg's cinema

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