Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE)

Hands-On: Invitation, Action & Agency

4 pm/online

Performance maker Kate McIntosh presents her practice, focusing on a series of different works that physically involve audiences. By describing the process and form of these pieces, she addresses questions that arise in her practice around audience agency, methods of invitation and guidance, ethics, bewilderment and bodies sharing space.

Kate McIntosh (NZ/BE, 1974) is a Brussels-based artist who practices across the boundaries of performance, theatre and installation. Her works often focus on the physicality of both performer and audience, the manipulation of objects and materials, and the development of direct relations with and between audience members. Kate’s practice is guided by her ongoing fascinations with the misuse of objects, playfulness with the public, a love of theatrical images and an off-beat humour.


This event is an online event, and you can join through this Zoom-link

Meeting ID: 857 4976 4237  Passcode: 897601


CIA (Choreography in Action) is a meeting place for artists where invited artists present their thoughts, practices and knowledge. Together with the participants we create generous conversations and dialogues in the field of dance and choreography. The event will be in English.


Duration: 1,5 hours

26th of March/4 - 5.30 pm

Online Zoom event

Photo: Eva Meyer