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An installation performance for the youngest audiences (0-5 years old) and their adults.

We are lost in the scratchy, tickly, chortling grass; we have shrunk, and we have been admitted into the world that usually does no more than tickle our feet on a hot summer’s day.

Grassgreen is a chance to discover the endless wonders and opportunities concealed amidst the soaring stalks as a quick-witted dancer and a versatile instrumentalist explore the living landscape, immersing us in a new world of sound and movement, burgeoning with music given the time and space to emerge from all the greenery.

Blades of grass heavy with dew, speckles of sunshine, the buzz of insects and the whispering breeze form a sensory universe that celebrates the miniature miracles of everyday life.

Dancer / Søren Linding Urup
Composer and performer / Siri Skamby
Choreographer / Tali Rázga
Costumes and scenography / Ida Marie Ellekilde
Duration / 30 minutes – and in continuation of the performance the children can explore the installation of the performance and meet the artists (the installation will be open approx. 30 minutes after the performance)

The performance is part of Dansehallerns CLOSE ENCOUNTERS – 5 intense days of choreographic installations, performances and talks.

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art
Dansehallerne collaborates with Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art in season 2017/18 – and are happy to present CLOSE ENCOUNTERS in this great space February 14-18th 2018.
The house functions as a platform for contemporary art productions with participation of a great variety of artists and close dialogue between artworks, artists and audience.

Duration: 30 min.

When / Feb 14th 2018 at 9.30 + 11.00 + 12.30 / Feb 15th 9.30 + 11.00 + 12.30 / Feb 16th at 9.30 + 11.00 + 12.30 / Feb 18th 11.00 + 12.30

Where / Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art , Oslo Plads 1, Copenhagen

Græsgrøn Gazart - Foto / Søren Meisner