Camilla Stage



New dance event by the acclaimed choreographer Camilla Stage.

Insanity and Totality unfolds as a meditative dance celebration on stage

”GOLDDIGGERS under the SUN” is a choreographic installation piece consisting of movement, sound and light for nine international dance artists. The viewer will meet breathless poetry, absurdity, hysteria, clichés, laughter, insanity and distinguished aesthetics in an experimental and moving body expression.
A stage meditation is acted out and unfolded in absolute totality and it is intended as a solar energetic driven collage piece.

”GOLDDIGGERS under the SUN” is an extravagant, golden piece of art – through raw physicality and profound intimacy it challenges the rational thinkings of utility and consumption of western civilization and its rational utilitarianism and consumer orientation through raw physicality and deep intimacy.

”GOLDDIGGERS under the SUN” is a ceremonial, sparkling sun feast consisting of heart dances, that seeks to heal modern man, chained as it is to its desire for the imperishable and perfect life.

Idea / Camilla Stage
Dancers / Sofia Karlsson, Rumiko Otsuka, Jean-Huges Miredin, Laurent Troudart, Jan Vesala, Joel Fritzon, Tiziana Fracchiolla, Nelly Zagora & Sandra Liaklev Andersen
Lighting and visual design / Raphael Solholm
Sound design and sound engineer / Mikkel Gemzöe
Costumes and stage design / Camilla Stage
Rehearsal & Productions assistent / Tomomi Yamauchi
PR and communication / Charlotte Rindom
Administration / Project Center – Jens Christian Jensen

Duration: 70 min.

wed - fri 7pm, sat - sun. 5pm

Big Stage

125,- / Young 55,-