Vera Maeder & Jacob Langaa Sennek / CHOREOGRAPHY IN ACTION

The gentle body as an activist

LABORATORY & DIALOGUE / Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa Sennek (DK)
Part of the program CHOREOGRAPHY IN ACTION

There is limited tickets (33 seats) – so it´s first-come-first-served. Doors will open 6.15 pm.

How would big politics look like, if it was shaped by the sensing body?

How to offer conditions, where the body is invited to inhabit complex and paradoxical questions and seemingly abstract topics such as economy, environmental or social issues?

How can the body be catalyst for producing thought and become a transformative resource, a form of activism?

hello!earth has since 2008 dedicated their practice to create participatory works with relational approach. They see their works as laboratories for fragile and big visions, where new thoughts can become reality and where we create the world instead of consuming it.

The base of the works is an inquiry into consciousness and an exploration of the myth of reality. The works are always spaces for an audience to experience, sense and do.

To stimulate bodily sensitivity and knowledge in any participant are key elements for creating the works.

Inspired by their latest work “ THE NIGHT- visioning a post-capitalist society while we sleep” Vera Maeder and Jacob Langaa Sennek invite into a short joint laboratory of 30 min, relating to this aspect of their work.

Followed by an artist talk with examples from previous works and and open dialog.

A weekly event throughout the season. Every Monday at 7-9 pm Dansehallerne presents meetings between affiliated artists and guests from other programs and performances presented by Dansehallerne. The artists share their thoughts about artistic work through conversations, installations, performances or films. The program is in English.
The meetings are primarily addressed to the artists in the field but open to all with an interest. It will take place at Charlottenborg Art Cinema, there is free entrance.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
CHOREOGRPAHY IN ACTION takes place at Charlottenborg Art Cinema. The distinctive art institution Kunsthal Charlottenborg ia a close collaborator of Dansehallerne.

When / 7-9 pm

Where / Kunsthal Charlotternborg, Nyhavn 2, Cph K

Free entrance

Foto / hello!earth