Convoi Exceptionnel

For Ever Four Seasons

To our great regret, we have to cancel this performance and the rest of our program in Pakhus 11 and Koncertkirken due to the current situation with coronavirus. We are taking this distinct decision based on the call for protection of the public. We are of course sorry since we know what great experiences you are missing.
All our public and industry events within two weeks are cancelled. We will want to show these exceptional performances in the future to you and we are working to find solutions on how to.
All of you will get your money back for the cancelled tickets. It is our policy to keep you happy.


Part of the program Dansehallerne presents in Pakhus 11 in the Spring 2020.

The ability of man is the enigma of man, this for good and bad.

”For Ever Four Seasons” is a musical, choreographic, and existentialist work that insists on slowness. It is an act of resistance against the rapidly accelerating world.
Setting the contrast, Jon R. Skulberg and Convoi Exceptionnel want to give the audience a sensuous experience, which both pleases and disturbs while posing the fundamental question: What is the role of mankind in the Anthropocene era?

The dancer Kenzo Kusuda, liberates himself from the patterns of human motion to create the basic form of “nature”. The performer Marianna Kavallieratos, is a figure wandering in a probable and violent vision of the future – in a futile attempt to build a relationship between the outside world and a “nature” which no longer bears any resemblance to itself.

Anchoring the figures, conditions, and emotional states to the newly composed works of the cello duo Soma & Lil as well as the composer and sound artist Kristian Hverring, Jon R. Skulberg’s staging, scenography and light invites the audience to a series of images in the presence of slow but continual change.

Everything has a time. Everything has a space. All life has a body. With that in mind, Jon R. Skulberg begins his work, regardless of whether it is an opera, a performance work or a dance piece. As a director, scenographer and choreographer he works with spatial-somatic relationships. Body and space – meeting with an audience. Convoi Exceptionnel is like special transport and wide cargo. Like the sign found on large highway trucks, the company is a reminder to pay attention to particular weight and content. Convoi Exceptionnel is a transport system for the enigmatic, pain, the anxious and the possibility of hope.

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Production / Convoi Exceptionnel
Artistic director, concept, choreography, light & scenography / Jon R. Skulberg
Creative producer / Lene Bang
Dancer / Kenzo Kusuda
Performer / Marianna Kavallieratos
Composer & Sound designer / Kristian Hverring
Composers & musicians / Soma Allpass & Lil Lacy
Costume designer / Mads Dinesen
Dramaturg / Astrid Hansen Holm
Light technician / Irene Lehtonen
Light technician, Copenhagen / Ilmari Pesonen
Scenographers assistant, Copenhagen / Olga Regitze Dyrløv Høegh
Administration / Project Center, Dansehallerne
Communication / Kirstine Bauning
Photos / Søren Kjeldgaard
Co-production / Bora Bora

NB: Strobe lights will be used in parts of the performance.

Dansehallerne presents a massive sensuous program for four weeks, February 24th – March 21st, 2020, in the venue Pakhus 11, Copenhagen. Welcome to moving moments, dance performances and choreographic works.

Venue: Pakhus 11 Dampfærgevej 2, 2100 København Ø (800 meters from Østerport station)

Duration: 70 min.

8 PM

Pakhus 11

135,- / 65,- youth