Stella Geppert

Communication Captures / Close Encounters Vol. 2


Communication Captures
– a performance installation by Stella Geppert (DE)

They exude the otherworldly: are they hybrids between the animal and humans—or between creatures and machine? Communicating bodies leave traces and connect with the filigree rods of sculptures by Stella Geppert.

The performance Communication Captures initiates an affective space and forms the contingent fabric of social-communicative processes.

The performers employ a tactile communication organ, which expands the bodily properties. Spaces get charged and charmed for participation. Activating the body’s empathetic sentience through rituals of encounter creates a sociality, which is situated both physically and sculpturally. These textures inscribe themselves spatially, while conversations get captured in movement and form.

All the time during the opening hours of the festival the performance is open for the public.
All the time the performance is an ongoing process of communication.
The duration of the participatory part is minimum 45 min.

The participatory possibility for the public is happening at:
April 4th / 7.30 – 8.30pm Flattering Talk
April 5th / 4 – 5 + 7 – 8pm Flattering Talk / Babylonian Conversations
April 6th / 4 – 5 + 7 – 8pm Flattering Talk / Babylonian Conversations
April 7th / 4 – 6pm Learning from Babylonia / Dancing for a New Language

Charging and Charming the space, Flattering Talk and Babylonian Conversations, Attentive Rest, Collective Readings, Embodied Debate

About Stella Geppert
Stella Geppert studied fine arts at the University of the Arts Berlin and at the École des Beaux  Arts,  Paris.  Numerous  scholarships – the  Bursary  for  Emerging  Artists  (Nachwuchsförderung, NaföG), the Bonn Art Fund (Bonner Kunstfonds), the Berlin Work  Scholarship  (Berliner  Arbeitsstipendium),  and,  more  recently,  a  research  fellowship at the Centro Tedesco di Studi Veneziani in Venice – support her artistic development.  Her  work  has  been  exhibited  in  numerous  national  and  international  exhibitions, with residencies in Japan, France, Denmark, Italy, and elsewhere.
Her  practice  investigates  the  performative  body  and  spatial  concepts  as  well  as  installations, drawings, objects, and sculptures. Her artwork is guided and accompanied by  experimental  research  in  relationship  with  spatial  phenomena  as  well  as  communicative and social behaviour, thus making collective action visible in its immediacy  through  the  form  of  sculpture. She  teaches  sculptural  and  spatial  artistic  practices at the University of Art and Design in Halle (Saale), Germany, and lives in Halle and Berlin.

Artist /Concept/Choreography/Installation / Stella Geppert
Dance, Performance / Jan Burkhardt, Lukas Geschwind, Stella Geppert, Michelle Lui, David Kummer, Sophia Seiss
Dramaturgy / Mariella Greil
Outside Eye / Sigal Zouk
Movement Research / Jan Burkhardt
Production / Susanne Ogan
Technical support / Mitja Windisch, Mirjam Dorsch
Supported by / Goethe Institut and Danish Art Workshops

Background / “Communication Captures” is shown for the first time. Elements of the installation were shown in Marrakech, Athens, Leipzig, Berlin.

Close Ecounters Vol. 2
The work is part of the festival Close Encounters Vol. 2 – Dansehallernes festival, presented at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art.
Welcome to four days with international performative choreographic works and installations that invite the audience into a co-creation universe. The festival offers an opportunity to explore, be provoked and seduced. Check the full program here

Tickets for Close Encounters Vol. 2
You buy a festival ticket for a day in the period April 4-7, 2019 and the chosen day you can experience all the works, installations and talks going on – except for the children´s performance RUSTLE/KNITREN where you must buy a separate ticket.

Notice there is limited access to the performances IN IT TOGETHER and feelings, half an hour before the performances begin you can reserve a “ticket” at the box office, first-come-first served.

Opening hours of the festival
April 4th / 6-9.30 pm
April 5th-6th / 3-9.30 pm
April 7th / 3-6 pm

Where / Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Oslo Plads 1, CPH