Close encounters vol. 2

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Togetherness, gatherings, movements and traces

Four days with international performative works and installations that invite you as an audience and observer into a co-creational sphere. It all takes place at Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, with threads into the city of Copenhagen. Sound images on local radio frequencies will add a complimentary dimension. Togetherness, sensuous experiences, social encounters, provocations and the traces and spaces we create in the world are all in focus.

Babies can explore an imaginative world created by rustling paper bags. You can grab a pen and write while you will be woven into a choreographic work. Forms of feelings and feelings of forms overlap, and it might be unclear if what you feel is coming from you or to you.

In a sculptural landscape, bodies move with a drawing instrument as a kind of headgear. Social participa­tion manifests itself figuratively. A collective body may emerge when you in another work get equipped with headphones and engage in a movement sequence which emanates from traces of other people´s life.

On streets and alleys, people will pass by artists, who individually or together, are in motion on their respective routes. What behavior is accepted and expected by most? Are we all co-responsible for creating the public space, whilst making a daily choreography with our doings? This is a festival of joy and beauty, of provocations and investigations. Come and be seduced!

4 intense days of present and participatory works where we invite the audience to come closer. There will be experiences for all ages, even for the youngest.

For the opening event april 4th we present One Chicken hundred Oysters by Marcus Doverud (SE).
Do also join us for Meet Eat and Talk artist talks with some of the artists in the program and Books on the Move – the travelling and online bookstore for dancers, movers and thinkers.


Opening hours for the Festival
April 4th / 6-9.30 pm
April 5th + 6th / 3-9.30 pm
April 7th / 3-6 pm

OBS! The performance RUSTLE for babies is performed in the morning outside the festivals opening hours.

Festival Program
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Performances and installations
A dance performance for babies by Räserbyrån (SE)
OBS! you need to buy a seperate ticket for this performance here

Noa & Snow – a gentle experiment between the everyday and the event by Alix Eynaudi (FR/AT )

Performance and setting by Adriano Wilfert Jensen (DK)

Communication Captures
Performance-installation with participatory parts by Stella Geppert (DE)

Participatory performance, installation and Radio Transmission by hello!earth (DK)

Meat Me
Performance installation by Fabio Liberti & Emanuele Rosa (I)

Performative processes in public spaces in Copenhagen and a connected installation at Den Frie by Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (les gens d’Uterpan) (FR)

Click on each performance to get more information about the works and when the have participatory parts.


Where / Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Oslo Plads 1, CPH