Dansehallerne X Den Frie

Close Encounters

Dansehallerne and Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art presents a choreographic exhibition.

We have invited six exciting artists from the USA, Iceland, Finland, Sweden and Denmark for a choreographic exhibition in which the visitors can move around as they please. In two out of the six presented artworks, dancers play an essential role. Fält by Adèle Essle Zeiss (SE) is an installation of floating bodies and in Already Unmade by Andros Zins-Browne (US) the dancers deconstruct their physical practice in a durational performance.

Two of the other artworks combine choreography and visual arts. In a new installation by choreographer Sonja Jokiniemi (FI), and in Conspiracy Archives where Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir’s (IS/DE) somatic dance and choreography come to life through advanced technology.

In the last two pieces, the visitors become the artworks themselves which enable the works to be constantly reinterpreted by different bodies. In STAGE, the visual artist Christian Falsnaes (DK) invites the visitors on stage where they through headphones are guided to perform a choreography. In Black Yoga Screaming ChamberErna Ómarsdóttir & Valdimar Jóhannsson (IS) invite the visitors into a padded black chamber in which they can scream their frustrations away or scream to free their minds.

More information about the works and ticket sales will follow here in this calendar soon.

Choreographic exhibition
Dance and choreography have always existed in the tension-field in between artforms. Choreographic artworks can sometimes be categorized both as art and as theatre, and at the same time be something specifically other. The definition of a choreographic exhibition is how the choreographic works interact with the visitors. Or the other way around, how the visitors interact with the works. The goal is that the guests behave as they would in a conventional art gallery setup. The works have no start nor a finish. You can just walk through, and browse, or linger with one piece for as long as you want.

Exhibiting Choreography

An Exhibition.
The visitors are free to move.
To stay.
To interpret.
To move from room to room.
Taking time.
As much time as they need.
The visitors.
The pieces.
The art.
The art pieces.
Get their space.
Have their space.
The moving in space.
The spaces.
Choreography: the art of organizing movements.
Thinking movements.
Realizing potential movements. Movements, time and space equals dance. Or life. Or wind.
Dance without choreography.
Choreography without dance.
Dance without dance.
Dance without wind.
Choreography on its own.
An exhibition.
Dance without time.
Dance to the end of time.
An exhibition.
Exhibition of choreography.
Exhibiting choreography.
Choreographic exhibit.
The visitor moves in the spaces.
Free to move.
The art move.
The wind move.
The earth move.
The universe move.
Without time.
An exhibition.
Move. Float. Scream. Undo.

Manifesto Close Encounters 2020

Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art 

Den Frie show the latest in contemporary art. The house functions as a platform for contemporary art productions with participation of a great variety of artists and close dialogue between artworks, artists and audience.

When / Thursday: 12 – 21, Friday-Sunday: 18 - 21

Where / Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art, Oslo Plads 1, 2100 Copenhagen Ø

Fält, Adèle Essle Zeiss / Photo: Kristyna Müller