Sonja Augart (DE) / Kunsthal Charlottenborg

CHOREography by intervention

Sonja Augart / Never alone again / Laboratory

Longing to be parasite specific?

Stretching the medium of radio and choreography by becoming parasites with a do-it-yourself attitude. You’ll never be alone again.

A parasited presentation
Choreographic Radio was initiated in 2015 and arose from our longing for new artistic practices to reflect, debate and respond to changes in contemporary time.
We functioned as parasites, feeding the radio shows by the content of the work field that surrounded us. In our radio shows we chewed on the information, digested it and reflected on it within a strict choreographical frame.

In Never alone again February 4th we, after a short peek in our last show, collaboratively set up a laboratory to transform our impressions into actions. Through playful exploration we reflect on what it means to be a choreographic parasite.

Choreographic Radio
Choreographic Radio is: Annette van Zwoll, Ana Trincão, Adrian Shepard and Sonja Augart. Based in the dance field, we don’t know much about radio. But we want to communicate and to develop a discourse beyond geographic and choreographic borders. That’s how Choreographic Radio was born.

Link Tanzkongress 2016, live broadcasting/ performance

Sonja Augart
Artist, dramaturg and curator Sonja Augart is the driving force behind Fragmenta (a platform for collaboration in the field of choreography-related arts). In 1992, she left Germany to study modern dance in The Netherlands. She played in numerous pieces, created dozens of choreographies and performances and toured the world for ten years with Jérôme Bel’s The Show Must Go On. In 2013 she settled in Berlin, where she works at the Uferstudios GmbH, Theater Sophiensaele and Tanz Büro Berlin. Current projects include Choreographier Dich Pfad, Mapping Dance and Choreographic Radio.

Annette van Zwoll
Annette van Zwoll is an independent dance dramaturge, text writer and international project developer. She is engaged with dance company Bitter Sweet Dance / Liat Waysbort as artistic associate, works for Uferstudios Gmbh and was recently appointed as advisor of the Performing Arts Fund NL. Her interests are broad, but she has a soft spot for cultural structures that influence our way of thinking.

Ana Trincão
Ana Trincão is a portuguese multidisciplinary artist and researcher. She is a Phd candidate in Cultural Studies (U.C.P.),  holds a Bachelor degree in Visual Arts (ESAD.CR <>) and a Master in performance  (UDK-HZT). Trincão´s work  intersects  Dance and Visual – Arts and as been presented internationally. Her main field of interest is performancestudies and politics.

Adrian Shephard
Adrian Shephard co-runs Radio-On-Berlin, broadcasting artists interviews, audio artworks, conferences etc, 24 hours a day. He is the founder of Testcard, a confrontational performance art group formed in 1995 still releasing regular albums. He was a butoh dancer teaching workshops and making solo performances.

The concept
Every the first Sunday in the month from October 1st 2017 to May 6th 2018 / 3-5 pm Dansehallerne presents artists who works in alternative formats, socially inclusive or in other ways contributes to the development of artistic expressions through choreography.
The program is in English and is open to all. It will take place at Charlottenborg Art Cinema.

To take part you have to buy ticket to Kunsthal Charlottenborg. The ticket also gives acces to the exhibitions that day. The event takes places at Charlottenborg Art Cinema.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
In season 2017/18 the distinctive art institution Kunsthal Charlottenborg ia a close collaborator of Dansehallerne. Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents an ambitious program with international outlook featuring talents as well as established stars from both Denmark and abroad.


Duration: 2 hours

3pm - 5pm

At Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Nyhavn 2, Copenhagen K

Photo / Gemma van Linden