Part of the program CHOREOGRAPHY IN ACTION

Book Launch, Choreographing/performing a book and Panel Discussion

The last one and a half year Sara Gebran has been writing a book to launch this night.
The evening will consist of 3 parts:  A remediation of the book into a short performance, using the pages of the book as a script or a tarot card reading, includes fragments from the premier “A land where no dragons hide – and I want bright shivering lights in it”. Followed by a large panel to discuss the book. And mingle time to buy the book at a discount price, with a drink. (Bring cash to buy the book).

The book launch
The book Another Hole  is an investigation of the relation between power and pornography. A combo of personal notes, lyrical writings, an art object, text and visual essays, on political thoughts, to dig into the relations between state power and individual erotic desires and an art object,. It re-thinks the language utilized for pornography, taking it from the practices of individuals, to the practices of dominant corporate power that pierces through bodies and minds of people without their consent. Beyond cultural and political thoughts, the book is a choreographic and artistic platform that offers further potential for moving practices, for playing, and for sustaining happiness.

The Panel discussion
A large panel of international and national artists, art workers and researchers will discuss the book through the notion of self-instituting by posing Sara 1-2 questions, as: Jennifer lacey, Katrine Dirckinck Holmfeld, Tina Tarpgaard, Anders Paulin, Maria Stiernborg, Cecilie Ullerup, Mathias Kryger, Hugo Hopping and a few more not confirmed yet.

The performance
A small remediation from the book into a performance. Smugling, as a tool, would be revealed for who has seen the premiere 22nd of January 2019 called: “A land where no dragons hide – and I want bright shivering lights in itat Koncertkirken.

Book support: Nordisk Kulturfond.
Book Consultants: Sergej Goran Pristâs and Anders Paulin
Book Editor: Michal Langan
Graphic designer: RLD REPRO


Sara has a BA/MA in Urban planning at University Simón Bolivar Venezuela (1982-87), dance studies at Instituto Superior de Danza Caracas (1989-92) and Post-Studies in The History of Images and its Representation at The Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm (2012-13). She is based in Copenhagen since 1996. Her works are situated within performance art, exploring medias as video, sound, text, digital works, and finding sustainable ways to produce and create art works that generates genuine autonomy and equality.


A program where artists share thoughts about artistic work through conversations, installions, performances and films. New artist every Monday. The program is primarily adressed to  the artists in the field but open to all with an interest. It is in English, Free Entrance.

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
CHOREOGRPAHY IN ACTION  takes place at Charlottenborg Art Cinema. The distinctive art institution Kunsthal Charlottenborg ia a close collaborator of Dansehallerne.






When / 7-9 pm

Where / Kunsthal Charlotternborg, Nyhavn 2, Cph K

Graphic design: Wilfred Wagner