Daniela Bershan (DE/IL) / Den Frie Udstillingsbygning


Somatic DJing for horizontal people

Cavemusic is a tool and live process of Baba Electronica seeking a somatic dialogue with the audience.
It is a practice of collective intimacy and care.
It is a possibility to receive joint imaginations through abstracted Popscapes and make unexpected collective movements and readings possible.

Cavemusic is somatic DJing for horizontal people. We enter and we are in a loop already.

The first rule is *be horizontal*. You lay down. We lay down together. We feel our backs sinking deeper into the ground with every repetition our touchsurfaces maximize. We feel our own presence, the presence of the others in the space and how we are connected.

We get comfortable, the second rule is *be comfortable*. We are about to disassemble something together. We are listening to a structure. We are witnessing our bodies listening to a structure that is unfolding live, to ourselves as part of a living structure.

A soft voice asking us, telling us that the third and last rule of Cavemusic is *be still*.
It has already started but now it really starts. Has it not always already started? Maybe it started as a background noise that gradually gets louder and after a while it is filling your ears, your head, your entire body?
Then suddenly (or not so suddenly) you realize that what you tried so hard not to notice is all you can hear. You are letting go. We are letting go together.

Concept Daniela Bershan
Performance and Music: Baba Electronica
Light/Sound/Set design: Daniela Bershan
Thanks to / ´Valentina Desideri, Matt Hare and all the friends at Performing Arts Forum, Berno Odo Polzer and the team of Maerzmusik

The journey is part of Dansehallerns CLOSE ENCOUNTERS – 5 intense days of choreographic installations, performances and talks.

February 17th you can have an all night experience to the sound of Daniela Bershan from midnight untill next morning at 8  o´clock – special ticket link for the all night event here

Daniela Bershan (DE/IL) aka Baba Electronica
A visual artist, DJ, activist and researcher that can best be described as a media-vagabond and fearless sampler. In her work – ranging from sculpture and performance to social organisation and music – she conceptualizes not just the characteristics of her materials but with and through them the skills and objects they can be read with.
Sampling and being sampled she dissects choreographies and scores in order to make tangible how they operate; She is committed to create and circulate queering tools. For Daniela object-making, situations, material processes, affective encounters, active study, performance, remixing and choreography are all expressions of sense-making processes, compose potentia-spaces for erotic/aesthetic practices and nonmonotonic thinking. #DJsarelisteners

Den Frie Udstillingsbygning
Den Frie Centre of Contemporary Art functions as a platform for contemporary art productions with participation of a great variety of artists and close dialogue between artworks, artists and audience.

Duration: February 15th + 16th duration approx 1,5 hours & 17th all night event (approx 8 hours)

When / Februar 15th + 16th at 9.30 pm & 17th 11.30 pm

Where / Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, Oslo Plads 1, Copenhagen