8th Copenhagen International Choreography Competition

The Copenhagen International Choreography Competition (CICC) is a platform to discover and promote emerging contemporary choreographers.

Since its founding in 2008, the CICC has been an annual event attracting talent from around the world, becoming one of the most recognized choreography competitions in Europe. Receiving over 200 applications a year, the CICC has showcased performances from more than 35 countries. Exposure from CICC showcases has launched the careers of many talented artists.


The competition – Friday August 7th

A pre-jury will select 10 finalists to perform at Dansehallerne before a live audience and a jury of recognized and distinguished members of the international dance community. The awards will be presented on stage after the Choreography Competition.


Gala performance – Saturday August 8th 

In honor of the winning works, the CICC presents a Gala performance featuring all the winning pieces as well as new works by previous CICC winners such as Fabio Liberti (IT), Shintaro Oue (JA), and Idan Sharabi (IL).


Duration: 3 hours

7:30 pm - 10:30 pm

Big Stage

Fri 150,- (+fee), Sat 200,- (+fee)