1985 / Dansens Hus founded at Hørsholmsgade, Nørrebro

1991 / Dansescenen receives it’s first funding

1993 / Dansescenen opens at Øster Fælled Torv, Østerbro

2008 / Dansescenen and Dansens Hus sign an agreement with Carlsberg for the reconstruction of the Tap E building to house stages, studios and other activities

2009 / Dansehallerne created under the auspices of Dansens Hus and Dansescenen, who move into Tap E

2012 / Dansens Hus and Dansescenen merge under the name of Dansehallerne

2014 / Dansehallerne lose their lease contract and stand without a management; a period of reconstruction begins

2016 / On 1 January, Efva Lilja (SE) assumes the post of Director. A new strategy for Dansehallerne’s activities 2016-20 is agreed and a new organization implemented.

2017 / Sept. 11, Dansehallerne moves out of Carlsberg Byen. New Administration is at Regnbuepladsen 7, 5th, 1550 Cph.

2019 / 1st of May, Danjel Andersson (SE) joins the position as Artistic Director.

2019 / Dansehallernes Administration moves to H.C. Andersens Boulevard 25, 3., 1553 Cph V. Performances and events still take place at different locations in Copenhagen and all over the country.