Dansehallerne defines choreography as an open and inclusive structure that spans a wide array of disciplines, a field of knowledge that encompasses many different arts and practices, for instance dance, circus, performative visual arts and architecture. Choreography as performative practices, operates across media and language boundaries; dialectically and discursively; altering, preserving, transforming. It offers tools for the production of movement, for the process and analysis of the state of art, of creating art; it envisages alternative forms and expressions, spatial as well as conceptual locations in dialogue with both tradition and the world of today – a proactive artistic dimension in society. Choreography offer tools for composition of movements in time and space and encompasses a wealth of linguistic expressions for action, thought, reflection and awareness.

Choreography offers tools for the construction of meaning through the composition of movement in time and space; choreography offers a variety of linguistic expressions for actions, thoughts, feelings and consciousness.

Choreography communicates performatively and/or interactively with its audience. Today this communication takes place both on the traditional stage, in alternative premises, in digital formats, as site-specific events or in projects with the audience as a collaborator.

Below a introduction to contemporary choreography and dance, created by The Place in London, the British equivalent of Dansehallerne.


Are you baffled by the boogie and curious about how dancers communicate?
From time to time people tell us that although they’ve watched dance performances and enjoyed them, they wouldn’t mind having some kind of ‘user’s guide’ to contemporary dance.
Is it one style or many?
How does it relate to other kinds of dance?
Does it have a particular meaning?

The Place decided to commission dance writer and critic Sanjoy Roy and animator Magali Charrier to create a short series of films introducing the world of dance.

Episode 1: A Visitor’s Guide to Contemporary Dance
Episode 2: Body Talk (in three parts) (can be found on YouTube)

Concept and original text: Sanjoy Roy
Music: Ed Dowie
Voice over: Neil Bennun
Sound design: Magali Charrier
Additional Animation: Maryam Tafakory
Art Direction & Animation: Magali Charrier
Executive Producer: Chris Thomson
Commissioned and created by The Place, the UK’s boldest contemporary dance centre.