Coronavirus / COVID-19

March 12th 2020 /

To our great regret we have to cancel the rest of our program in Pakhus 11 and Koncertkirken. We are taking this distinct decision based on the call for protection of the public. We are of course sorry since we know what great experiences you are missing.
All our public and industry events within two weeks are cancelled. We follow the development of the situation and will keep you posted on all our information channels.
We will want to show these exceptional performances in the future to you and we are working to find solutions on how to.
All of you (and you are quite many) will get your money back for the cancelled tickets. It is our policy to keep you happy.
So, for now these brilliant shows are cancelled: 

Convoi Exceptionnel / For Ever Four Seasons
Ásrún Magnúsdóttir / Listening Party
Running Sculptures / Med kroppen på opdagelse
NEW SH*T / tre forestillinger kurateret af Thjerza Balaj: Mathias Theisen, Meleat Fredriksson, Paolo de Venecia Gile. 
Marie Topp & Julia Giertz / Oceanic
Also the public conversation with Kristof Blom (BE) / A model for International co-production

Our heart bleeds.
We really wanted to share these works with you. 
Danjel Andersson, Dansehallerne