The Project Centre is Dansehallerne’s resource for support to independent artists and development of their projects.

The Project Centre is centrally placed in the artistic environment at Dansehallerne; a major independent player and neutral adviser in the field of dance and choreography – locally, nationally and internationally.

The Project Centre supports the development of projects by offering individual counselling and guidance for choreographers and other players within the field of contemporary choreographic performative arts; it facilitates workshops, meetings, networking and other platforms.

The Project Centre acts as a trustful partner, offering administrative support and advice based on the individual needs of each artist.

The Project Centre is an experienced partner, bringing together resources and competences for the benefit of the entire milieu, acting as an operating partner and participating in national and international networks, fora and projects.

The Project Centre is financed by a yearly grant from The Danish Arts Foundation.

The Project Centre has existed in its current form since 2005.

If you have any questions or need further information, you are always welcome to contact us at the Project Centre.

Patrick Ian Renton
Mail /
Phone / + 45 33 88 80 09

Patrick has been employed at the Project Centre since January 2019 and he is a trained accountant.

Anne Mai Slot Vilmann
Mail /
Phone / +45 93 63 42 90

Anne Mai has been employed as a project manager at the Project Centre since September 2019. Anne Mai has worked as a producer, dramaturg and project manager, both in the established and free performing arts environment.