What would life be without friendship, movement, fantasy and play?

What would a childhood be like without art?

We hold that art offers unique possiblities for us to mirror and analyze the many facets of living. Dance and choreography can be a door to magic moments, other life experiences and meetings with new perspectives on the world and how to live in it. In Dansehallerne we work to create enriching encounters between professional artists, children and youth.

Dansehallerne develop and distribute activities that engage the audience and the participants in artistic processes; we present dance as a challenging and innovative art form.

Dance for Children
This is a countrywide venture that helps dance companies visit kindergartens and schools to make performances and conduct dance labs with the participants. In 90 minutes the children get a taste of dance as an art form and an active way of using the body.
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Contact: Unne Loa Jensen

Dans din Nabo- School project
Dans din Nabo -school project is focusing on the school children’s personal stories through movement and new ways of socialising. A professional dancer is working with the children, and together they challenge each other and themselves in order to create new alliances. Each session is ended by a performance for and together with friends from another class at the school.

In 2018, 15 school classes from Aarhus and Copenhagen worked with the project for one week, and Dansehallerne has produced two movies about the project which you can watch below.
The Dans din Nabo School project is based on the performance Dans din Naboin which the artist group hello!earthhas worked with the inhabitants in smaller villages and cities in Denmark.
The School project is supported by Danish Arts Foundation.

A film about choreography
Danshallerne wish to increase the understanding of choreographic performative art by the short film Hugo, Bertil og Samuel – a film about choreography which you can find on this site. The film is developed specifically for 4th – 6th graders and their teachers but is relevant to anyone who is interested in dance and choreography.

Kulturpakker (Culture Packages)
Dance for Children is a part of the cross-discipline strategic collaboration with Levende Musik i Skolen (Live Music in the School) and Teatercentrum (Theatre Centre) with the aim of offering experiences of professional art for school children in Denmark. In this collaboration there is development and launching of concrete ventures aimed at municipalities.
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Open School in the Copenhagen Municipality
The Copenhagen municipality ”open school” portal works to create a link between the elementary schools and cultural societies with the aim of giving all pupils a chance to experience art and culture. Dansehallerne participates with dance workshops focusing on relations and the atmosphere in the classroom.