Box Office / Photo: Søren Meisner

Tickets online
For almost all our events you can buy tickets online at:
There is no additional fee if you buy tickets from this site and print them at home.

Remember to arrive early as the doors close on time.

NOTICE: There is no physical BOX OFFICE in Dansehallerne. You can also buy tickets one hour before the performance starts.

+ Customer arrangement offer a +customer arrangement TeaterRabat, where you can achieve large discounts when purchasing multiple tickets in the same season.
The arrangement is for people who want to go to the theatre frequently and cheap – and you will be able to invite your family and friends. Read more about the arrangement here

Refunds and exchanges
Tickets are non-refundable but tickets purchased from Dansehallernes ticket office can be exchanged for another day, subject to availability of tickets.
Exchanges take place in person at the ticket office, at the latest, the day before the performance for which the ticket is purchased.

Tickets purchased online from the links above can be replaced for a fee of DKK 50 by contacting


Children and youth
If you are under 25, you can get discount tickets at

Please be aware that different rules may apply for guest performances with special ticket arrangements.

School classes
The cheapest way is to buy youth tickets from at DKK 40 (minimum 6 tickets).

If you wish to buy more than 16 tickets for a performance, please phone our ticket office at +45 3388 8008 (weekdays 1-3 PM).