Photo: Lars Nybøll

Dansehallerne has adopted the British notion of Community Dance and thus creates involving meetings between professional dancers and nonprofessionals.

Dansehallerne therefore helps to build a bridge between dance art and the rest of society. Our wish is to open the aesthetic universe of dance to many children, young people and grown ups. This happens through concrete activities and strategic initiatives.

All Community activities are characterised by professional dance artists meeting participants in aesthetic processes – and each participant is co-creator within a shared framework. Involvement is key in meetings between artist and participant as well as in the way Dansehallerne conceives project development and collaboration.

Dance for everybody
Dansehallerne wishes to create possibilities for everybody to watch dance and express themselves through dance. This should happen regardless of age, social status, gender, ethnicity, mental and physical ability.

Dansehallerne makes a special effort to give young people the possibility of meeting dance as an art form – primarily as an integrated part of the educational system. This happens in collaboration with dance artists, institutions, municipal, regional and national bodies.

Dance artists
The dance artists, who participate in Dansehallerne’s Community activities are dancers, choreographers and dance facilitators with a Danish or international education in dance, combined with experience in presenting dance processes for non professionals.

One of Dansehallerne’s mediating roles is, together with relevant partners, to prepare the dance artists to work and collaborate with participants of all backgrounds.
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