Dance Facilitator is the term Dansehallerne uses for professional dance artists working in the community dance field.
As a Dance Facilitator, you interact with nonprofessional children and adults in creative dance processes.

Dansehallerne works nationally as an intermediary between different nonprofessional settings, e.g. schools, and Dance Facilitators.
If you consider yourself a Dance Facilitator, you can join Dansehallerne’s national network and thus receive adequate information on job possibilities, courses and seminars.
Please send an e-mail to the Dance Consultants to join the network.

Dansehallerne organises a range of preparatory workshops, inspiration courses and seminars for Dance Facilitators.
For more information please contact the Dance Consultants

Click here for more information about programmes and activities throughout the country where Dansehallerne employ Dance Facilitators.

In Denmark, you find the education for Dance Facilitators (DAF) at Den Danske Scenekunstskole in Copenhagen.
Read more about the education here