Photo / Hanna-Reidmar RISK

The Artists Research Lab and Residency Programme

Dansehallerne Artists Research Lab and Residency Programme will provide artists with a rich environment where to bring new insights, produce and share knowledge regarding new art forms, work forms and modes of production.

Artists need possibilities for in-depth work processes and the research that not necessarily leads to the performance as a final product. We need time for collegial dialogues and development of methodologies, time for work processes that result in new knowledge and insights that make us better at what we are doing.

The Danish milieu of artists within the field of contemporary performative choreographic art is small. We therefor establish a close connection to international artistic communities to secure fruitful networks. Involving a broader range of partners outside the traditional arts institutions results in a programme that facilitate the encounter between art and other sectors and encourage interdisciplinary practices.

Dansehallerne has since 2009 been able to offer residences for artists within dance and choreography, based on our lab scene and in house technical resources. This has been very helpful for our artists-in-residence, but much more is needed to properly support the development of choreographic performing arts. That is why we now is developing The Artists Research Lab and Residence Programme in collaboration with national and international partners, who will contribute strong networks, collegial exchange and public venues. The residencies will host artists on three different levels: research-production-mentoring, all connected to collegial milieu of the research lab.

The programme is meant to strengthen the possibilities for artists to engage in knowledge production, enhance their chances for a professional career and put the public in direct contact with qualitative and challenging artistic endeavours. It intends to stimulate collegial interaction, models for organisation and production, and seek new market platforms with the aim of making contemporary choreographic performative art available to a broad and diverse audience.

The programme will be developed in close cooperation with artists, researchers, academic institutions and other performing arts organizations. It’s planned to start in the fall of 2018.