Dansehallerne has a variety of openings and information for you, a professional artist or teacher working within the field of choreography.

As a professional you can be linked to Dansehallerne as a DHkunstner (DHartist), which gives you access to the physical premises in Copenhagen, makes you part of the organization’s network and distribution of information and allows you to take part in training and workshops arranged by Dansehallerne. With respect to teaching jobs, you can get guidance about openings from our dance consultants in Copenhagen and Aarhus.

If you are working within the field of choreography trying to start a project or stage a performance, you have access to guidance and advice from Projektcentret  (The Project Centre). Here you can also find inspiration about how best to budget your project and apply for grants.

Last but not least, this is where you can find information about further education and various national and international networks that may be of use for your professional advancement.